Ways to Train Your Dog to Stop Peeing on the Carpet

Dog Urine

Dogs are adorable, but what is not so acceptable is seeing poof of dog pee on the carpet. That is gross. Dog urine stain cleaning is very tough. Thus, the best alternative is to train your dog to not pee on your carpet. Here are some ways to train your dog to stop peeing on the carpet to save your efforts behind carpet cleaning.

How To Train Your Dog Not To Pee on Carpet?

Train Dog to Live in a Kennel

There is a useful fact that will help you with your dog potty training. Dogs do not like to wet their own sleeping place. Thus, get a comfortable kennel for your dog. Instead of letting your dog inside your house to increase your carpet cleaning efforts, train them to live in the kennel. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Teach the dog to go into the kennel on the fixed time.
  • Take the dog out of the kennel at regular intervals.
  • Take the dog for the walk outside. According to the experts, as soon as you take it out, it will pee outside as he can identify the outside environment. Also, as it does not like wetting his own bed, it is most likely to pee during the walk.
  • Reward your dog for its good behaviour such as staying in the kennel, peeing outside, etc.

Make a Routine:

If kennel training is not much useful, you can make a routine for your dog to go out and urinate. Dogs usually have a schedule for everything, including, peeing. You can judge that and based on it make a routine to take your dog outside and let it relieve pee outside instead of the carpet.

Here are some facts to keep in mind while trying to make a routine for your dog:

  • Puppies pee more often than grown-up dogs.
  • Generally, dogs need to relieve themselves after eating and drinking, before sleeping, and after waking up.

Make a schedule according to the traits of your dog and make a routine and train your dog to follow the same. Take it out on the scheduled time, so it can relieve itself. Follow the routine regularly, which will cultivate the habit in your dog and enforce him to follow the same.

Take the Help of a Professional Trainer:

Training puppies is often tough as they are more notorious than grown-up dogs. Even after getting most comfortable kennel and making a strict routine, the puppy may pee on the carpet and force you to put energy on dog urine stain cleaning. In this case, you can take the help of a professional dog trainer. The dog trainers can give not only potty training, but also other training to keep upholstery and the whole house clean and follow your commands.

This will help you relieve the stress of getting your carpet stained with dog urine. Still, if you get that at any point, you can follow the DIY hacks available online for dog urine stain cleaning or take the professional carpet cleaning services to remove stains and odour. 

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