5 Tips to Have a Kid Proof Carpet


Despite making strict rules to keep the house clean, kids will leave some mess and stains everywhere. Carpets get dirtier than the other stuff in the house due to the footprints, occasional spills, and more. You cannot diminish all these completely to keep the carpet absolutely clean. Spending a lot of time in carpet cleaning is a heavy job. Thus, the solution is taking some preventive measures to have a kid-proof carpet.

5 Steps to Kid-Proof Your Carpet

1. Invest in Rugs

Get rugs for all those areas that face heavy traffic. Here are the top reasons to use rugs:

  • Dark-colored rugs can hide stains.
  • Rugs can be cleaned more often to remove dirt, stains, and allergens from it.
  • Rug cleaning would be easier than carpet cleaning.
  • Rugs are easier and cost-effective to get replaced.

2. Obstruct Use of Some Areas

To save the efforts from too frequent carpet cleaning, you have to put the efforts into having a kid-proof carpet. You cannot simply stop kids overusing the carpet just by giving them instructions or yelling at them. However, you can obstruct the use of it. Here are some tips:

  • Block carpet area with artistic items.
  • Put some furniture on the carpet area to block it further.
  • Remove carpet from some areas if you can.

3. Frequent Carpet Vacuuming is a Must

Generally, carpets need to get cleaned once in three to six months. Professional carpet cleaning is sufficient to perform once a year. However, if you have active kids of younger age, then you would need more frequent cleaning. You must vacuum the carpet every alternate day to keep it clean when the kids are home.

4. Keep Socks On

We all know shoes can make carper dirtiest. Thus, you have to make sure nobody is walking with shoes on the carpet. Bare feet are also not good because

  1. The carpet will absorb the body oil of the feet which will make it grimy.
  2. The body will lose dead skin, which may attract mites that live on the dead skins. This is very dangerous as it can create respiratory disease.

Thus, cultivate a habit of wearing socks. All kids and adults must wear cotton socks in the house.

5. Remove Stains Instantly

No matter how active you are to have a kid-proof carpet, there will be occasional spills when you have kids in the house. Spills can become stubborn stains if you wait for the next carpet cleaning date. You have to act instantly.

  • Pick up the spillage with a paper towel as much as you can
  • Apply the stain remover steps on the carpet. There are many carpet cleaning guides and DIY hacks available that can remove stains effectively.

You can also use a carpet that is stain resistant.  

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