Carpet Cleaning Process

Top 4 Carpet Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Should Know

Carpet cleaning is necessary as it faces a lot of wear and tears along with footprints on a daily basis. How can we forget those accidental spills that result in stubborn stains on the carpet? Carpet is an important interior and that’s why people spend enough on professional carpet cleaning Melbourne services. Of course, the […]


5 Easy Ways To Clean Pet Vomit From Carpet

Pets are fun and sometimes can be clumsy and they can make the carpet cleaning process difficult. They can cause stains on the carpet due to the vomit or any other stuff. Pet vomit can be of various forms as it depends on the intake of the food or the liquid that they take. To make […]


Dry Carpet Cleaning or Steam Carpet Cleaning: Which one is for you?

At Toms Carpet Cleaning Services we offer both carpet steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, and we are often asked which one is better – Dry Carpet Cleaning or Steam Carpet Cleaning. Along with expert on-site, same-day best in class services we also advise our customers on what kind os carpet cleaning is better: Dry […]

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