How to Keep Your Rugs in the Top Condition

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Rugs can not only add beauty to your house interior, but also help in multiple ways. Rugs are expensive, thus, it is necessary to keep them in the right conditions and take the preventive steps that help preserve its beauty and prolong its life.

Here are 7 Vital Tips to Keep Rugs in the Right Conditions:

1. Know Everything About Your Rug

To perform effective rug cleaning and to preserve the rug, you need to know everything related to it. You need to check:

  • Type
  • Fabric
  • Manufacturer warning

All this information will also help when you clean the rug by yourself as well as when you will use service from a professional rug cleaner.

2. Act Quickly on Spills

The best way to keep a rug clean is to prevent it from accidental spills. However, if you cannot avoid it, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Act quickly, take paper napkins and blot the spill
  • Quickly perform rug cleaning with wet napkins to remove spills
  • If spills transform to stains, use service from a professional rug cleaner or apply a DIY hack for stain cleaning.

3. Dodge Direct Sunlight

We all know the sun radiates ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the rug fabric. It can make your rug fades early. Thus, avoid exposure of direct sunlight on the rug even through the window.

4. Clean Pet Hair

Pet hair falling on the rug is common, but those are not good for sure. Thus, you must remove them quickly. Just vacuuming might not be effective for those pet hair that has made way to the fibre of the rug. In this case, use any of the below mentioned cleaning tools:

  • Standard squeegee tools
  • Carpet rakes
  • Carpet Brushes

5. Rug Rotation

Most trafficked rug areas face wear and tear faster than other areas. This would make a side or part of your rug worn. Rotation of rug makes sure each part of the rug is getting used.

6. Regular Vacuuming Cleaning is a Must

Rug cleaning has to be part of your routine cleaning. Vacuuming rugs on a regular interval will help you take off dirt, dust, pet hair, and early shedding as well. This will help you keep your rugs in the right shape. As per the usage frequency, you can decide the frequency of the rug cleaning regime.

7. Take Advantage of Expert Rug Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning of the rug may remove major dust, dirt, and other impurities. However, it cannot give the effect of expert rug cleaning. The professional rug cleaner uses the best cleaning solutions and methods to thoroughly clean the rugs. Professional services also help in making your rug looks like the brand new one and prolong its life. Thus, professional rug cleaning service is inevitable.

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