Is Carpet Cleaning Enough to Combat Coronavirus


The Coronavirus has proven to be the most vicious virus for the humankind. It can live for days on various surfaces and that has left many people panic. There are many myths circulating on the net and otherwise about it. Today, we are going to talk about one of the subjects: Coronavirus and Carpet.

Can your Carpet be the House of Coronavirus?

Carpets usually have a porous surface that gives the right living environment to different viruses and pests. There are chances that your carpet is the carrier of Coronavirus if

  • Someone brings the virus in their shoes and he walks over the carpet with those shoes.
  • Someone by mistake touched the Coronavirus infected surface and then touches the carpet before washing the hands.
  • Someone is COVID 19 positive and sneezes or coughs on the carpet and his face was not covered by the mask.

These are some possibilities which bring the Coronavirus on the carpet. There can be some more.

What to do now?

Carpet Cleaning?

Is Carpet Cleaning Sufficient to Eliminate Coronavirus from it?

There are many myths related to carpet cleaning. Thus, it is necessary to know about the facts related to it.

If your carpet is exposed to the vicious Coronavirus, then keep this in mind:

  • Simple vacuuming cannot remove this virus.
  • Dry cleaning or regular carpet cleaning cannot remove this virus.

Only steam cleaning can remove the Coronavirus from the carpet. The reasons are:

  • Outside the human body, it takes 60 C to kill the Coronavirus. Steam cleaning uses very high temperature to clean the carpet. Thus, steam cleaning has the power of killing this virus.
  • Steam carpet cleaning cleans the carpet thoroughly from the surface to its roots. This makes sure any existence of this virus is attacked and removed from the carpet.

Along with the steam cleaning, you should also use the carpet sanitizing process to disinfect the carpet thoroughly.

Steam cleaning is not something everyone can do. It needs experience and tools. Thus, it is advisable to use the service of professionals for this.

If you cannot afford steam carpet cleaning service from professionals frequently, then you can also use guides available online for the carpet sanitizing after cleaning. Please keep in mind, normal cleaning is not sufficient. Sanitizing is mandatory.

If you are attempting carpet cleaning and sanitizing at home, here are some tips you have to keep in mind:

  • Do not wet the carpet. It may disinfect it, but it would leave an odor behind.
  • Never apply chlorine bleach on the carpet as it will take off the color and also damage the fiber.
  • Do not rub your carpet with strong solutions such as neat vodka or alcohol.

It is better to take preventive steps so the virus does not find its way into the house such as keeping shoes out. If you have doubts that, the carpet is infected, it is advisable to use steam carpet cleaning and sanitizing service from professionals.

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