Advantage and Disadvantage of Cut and Loop Pile Carpet

Cut and loop carpets are two types of carpets and both of them are known for styles. There can also be a carpet which has cut and loop style amalgamated within a single carpet. Cut Pile Carpet has a blend of straight and cut fibres. On the other hand, Loop Pile Carpet is made of looped fibres. Both, Cut and Loop Carpet were very much popular in the 70s and 80s. The carpet manufacturer had started with bright colours and gradually shifted to soothing colours.

In the 90s, these types of carpet got outdated and people stopped using them. Now, again these carpet types are in trend. They are different than traditional carpets and thus, they attract some users more specifically. On the other hand, some people do not like Loop and Cut Carpet styles. It is a matter of choice. However, if you are still in the stage of thinking about whether to go for it or not, let me share the top advantages and disadvantages of these types of carpets:

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Advantages of the Loop and Cut Pile Carpets:

  • Both loop pile carpet and cut pile carpet come in different designs and patterns. Thus, both of them offer attractive texture and designs.
  • These carpet types suit the contemporary interior of the house and that is the reason they are in trend these days.
  • The loop pile carpet and cut pile carpet are dense and that is why any spillage and dust stay on the top of the carpet. This makes carpet cleaning quite easy. Thus, it becomes easier to keep the carpet clean.
  • They can be a perfect rug to give a subtle yet contemporary look to the house.
  • They should be in areas such as the basement, bedroom, and dens, which means put it in the areas with fewer footfalls.

Difference between Low Pile and High Pile Carpet

Disadvantages of Cut and Loop Pile Carpets:

  • Loop pile carpet tends to look old after use of a few weeks. The reason is the fundamental nature of the fibres which bend or get twisted after some time. As this type of carpet usually bends or twists the fibres to create loops on the fibre, it starts getting look old quickly compared to other types of carpets.
  • Cut pile carpet also starts looking old within a short time as the fibres are cut and shift jointly to support the adjacent fibres. The gaps between the fibres make them flatten and look carpet older.
  • The cut and loop pile carpets cannot be used in the high traffic areas such as living room, stairs, etc. as it starts getting look older with time.
  • The time gap between two carpet cleaning processes needs to be longer as wear and tear can get increased with each carpet cleaning session.
  • The loop and cut pile carpets are more expensive compared to some other types of carpets such as Saxonies, Berbers, etc. Even if the quality of cut and loop pile carpets would be lower than the other mentioned carpet types, the cost would be higher due to the process of creating designs with them is intricate.

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