How to Remove Paint Stain Out of Carpet


Paint spill on the carpet can be a nightmare as it may leave permanent stains on the carpet. Rubbing it can spread and push the paint down into the fibre, which will make it even stubborn. The best option is to get a professional carpet cleaning service at the earliest possible. However, if you want to try your hands on cleaning the paint on your own, we will share a complete carpet cleaning guide for you.

1. Treat the Wet Paint

  • If you will not treat the spilled immediately, then it can spread in the larger area of the carpet. Therefore, if you are present when the paint spills, take your carpet cleaning gears immediately.
  • To stop paint spreading around, quickly grab some paper towels and dab the area to soak liquid paint as much as you can. Keep dabbing until you lift up the wet paint completely.

2. Pre Stain Cleaning

  • Take a spray bottle and add soapy water to it.
  • Moisten the stained area by spraying the soapy water and soak it with a clean white towel.
  • Repeat the process 3 times at a minimum to remove as much paint as you can from the carpet.

3. Carpet Cleaning

  • Use lacquer paint thinner for carpet cleaning. It is a great cleaning solution to remove paint stains. It will fade the paint from the carpet.
  • Take a spray bottle adds lukewarm water and detergent soap to make soapy water. Spray this soapy water on the affected area. Now dab the area to blot the paint.
  • Repeat the process of blotting the paint from the carpet with diluted lukewarm soapy water.

4. Stain Cleaning

  • Once the stain becomes mild by using step 2 and step 3, this is the time to remove the residue stains from your carpet with the last carpet cleaning step.
  • Take a bowl and mix 1 part of white vinegar and 10 parts of water. Mix it well to make an effective cleaning solution.
  • Take a clean and dry sponge and dip it into the carpet cleaning solution you just created. Wring the excel liquid to make sure you don’t wet the carpet.
  • Again, apply the dab and blot technique with the sponge dipped in the cleaning solution. This will remove the remaining stain as well as it will remove the soap from the carpet to clean it completely. Repeat the process 2-3 times until your sponge starts coming out clean.
  • The last step is to remove vinegar from the carpet. According to a leading company offering a professional carpet cleaning service, if you do not clean the vinegar from the carpet, then it will leave yellow marks or discolour the carpet. This can make the carpet look even uglier.
  • Use cold water to rinse the vinegar from the carpet. The best way is dipping a clean cloth in the water and dab the area to remove vinegar and repeat the process. It will restrain the carpet from over-wetting.
  •  Once your carpet is completely dry, vacuum it as the last part of carpet cleaning.

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