How to Dry Wet Carpet after Flood Damage

How to Dry Wet Carpet after Flood Damage 25 Dec

Water damaged carpet is difficult to restore to its original state without professional carpet cleaning and restoration services. Even if you are thinking of using a professional carpet restoration service, you need to focus on Flood Damage Carpet Drying as the first step.

The flood damage carpet drying process needs to start immediately or as soon as possible.

How to Dry Carpet After Water Damage?

Step 1: Prepare for carpet drying Melbourne process

  • To prepare the carpet for the drying process, remove everything from the top of the carpet.
  • Remove furniture, rugs, etc. to simplify the drying process.
  • Open all doors and windows in the room if it is not raining outside. This will help in getting some sunlight and natural air to dry out the water damaged carpet.
  • Switch on all fans and an air conditioning system in the room to speed up the flood damage carpet drying process.
  • Remove carpet padding to make sure your carpet doesn’t mould.

Step 2: Removing Water from the Carpet

  • It is necessary to remove as much water as possible to reduce the time for carpet drying in Melbourne.
  • First, remove water from the carpet with the pump out process.
  • The next step is using a wet vacuum to suck up water from the carpet to a possible extent. This is a very important step as it leaves moisture or dampness behind while water is removed completely.

Step 3: Drying out the carpet

  • Once excess water is removed, the damp carpet needs to dry out.
  • If you have used tack strips for carpet installation, remove them so the carpet can be moved to increase airflow. This will reduce flood damage to carpet drying time. Once the carpet dries, you can reinstall the carpet.
  • If you haven’t used tack strips, you need to do something to lift some sections or corners of the carpet and keep it like that. This will help in reducing drying time.
  • Keep AC and fans on and windows and doors open. Do not use a heater or any similar equipment for carpet drying Melbourne.
  • You can also use a dehumidifier to remove dampness from the carpet and dry it completely.

Step 4: Final step

  • Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum cleans the carpet.
  • Dust some baking soda on the carpet in this step of flood damage carpet drying and leave it for 8 hours.
  • Vacuum clean baking soda. It will remove the musty smell from the carpet.

Your carpet is ready to use. Now, you can reinstall the carpet. Use new padding. You can also place your furniture back. Make sure your furniture is completely dry.

Use Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

You can also save yourself from all the hassle related to carpet drying in Melbourne. Call professionals for the flood damage carpet drying process. They will also steam clean carpet to remove all pollutants if water was contaminated. They will not only dry out the carpet, but they will also restore it to its normal appearance.

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