Popular Types of Carpet in Australia

types of carpet

When we talk about carpets, there is a wide range of textures, colours, and types to choose from in the Australian market. Considering so many options, the choice can get really tricky, and sometimes overwhelming, too. The choice of carpet will mainly depend on the location and how the space is to be used. Also, you should consider the cost of professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne to keep the carpet well maintained.

Most Popular Types of Carpets Available in Australia

Frieze Carpet

  • It is also known as twist carpet.
  • It is made up of highly twisted yarn of cut pile type.
  • The yarn is twisted in various directions, which results in the appearance of texture and depth.
  • Shorty yarn fibres entwine in different directions at the surface to cover the footmarks.
  • Best suited for areas where foot traffic is high.
  • It can be cleaned quickly so same day carpet cleaning is possible to remove stains and debris.

Woven Carpet

  • These types of carpets are manufactured on a loom.
  • They may either be loop pile, cut pile, or a combination of both.
  • Several intricate patterns are produced to design a woven carpet.
  • Generally, they are of the highest quality and most expensive, too.
  • Professional carpet cleaning Melbourne companies take extreme care while cleaning the woven carpets.

Tufted Carpet

  • This type of carpet is produced using the tufting machine.
  • Either single coloured or non-coloured yarn is used.
  • If the non-coloured yarn is used for manufacturing tufted carpet, then a separate process will be used for printing or dyeing the carpet. Also, specific Professional carpet cleaning Melbourne would be needed to clean that kind of carpet.
  • It is the most commonly used carpet in Australian homes.

Needle Felt Carpet

  • This type of carpet is made using the sophisticated technology of barbed and forked needles.
  • In the formation of this carpet type, the principle of electrostatic attraction of individual fibres is applied.
  • Generally, this type of carpet is seen in hotels and offices having heavy traffic.
  • Being technologically advanced and located in areas of high traffic, needle felt carpet requires Professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

Plush Carpet

  • This cut pile plush carpet has a consistent length of fibres.
  • A luxurious option for Australian homes, ensuring style and comfort.
  • Same day carpet cleaning is required to prevent dirt accumulation.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Crucial for the Longevity

  • Once you have decided the type of carpet that you want to buy for your premises, you need to think about hiring a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne company.
  • Depending on the type of carpet selected, you will need the same day carpet cleaning, alternate day carpet cleaning, or cleaning at least once a week. You can clean the carpet yourself.
  • Rather than doing the carpet cleaning yourself, it is a wise decision to hire an expert and professional carpet cleaning Melbourne company to maintain the quality of the carpet.

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