Top Advantage of Hot Water Extraction for Carpet Cleaning

hot water extraction

Carpet Hot water extraction and steam carpet cleaning processes are considered the same. However, both are completely different.

Carpet steam cleaning uses water at a boiling point to clean the carpet with steam. On the other hand, a hot water extraction method uses really hot water and cleaning solution blast on the carpet to clean the carpet.

There are many advantages of using the hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

1. Better Results

  • Hot water extraction cleaning is one of the best methods for carpet cleaning. It uses a cleaning solution along with hot water to meticulously wash carpet fibre. Therefore, it gives amazing results.
  • It is also the best method to remove stains. This method will saturate the stains and remove it effortlessly.

2. Carpet Dries Out Quickly

  • After cleaning the carpet, drying it completely is necessary. Moisture or wetness can be the cause of bacteria and mould infestation.
  • This process takes reduced drying time compared to other types of carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Hot water cleaning method takes approximately five to twelve hours compared to seven to twelve hours taken by the carpet to dry out after carpet steam cleaning.

3. Fabric Friendly Cleaning

  • The hot water extraction process of carpet cleaning uses chemical-free means fabric-friendly cleaning solution. This ensures that during the cleaning process, your carpet does not get stained or damaged.
  • Some types of carpet cleaning in Melbourne can leave diluted stains if not performed carefully. However, with professional hot water carpet cleaning method, this problem never occurs.
  • This method of cleaning the carpets not only keeps your carpet safe, but it also ensures that it does not harm the environment.
  • Additionally, this process of cleaning does not harm carpet made of natural fibre, unlike carpet steam cleaning.

4. No Harm to Health

  • Some people are allergic to some cleaning solutions and their smell. All of them are safe by choosing a hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • The professionals only use hot water and chemical-free cleaning detergent to clean the carpet. Therefore, it does not cause any health issue or allergy.
  • It also removes all residues at the end of the cleaning process. Hence, you can be the rest assured that you and your family are completely safe by choosing this carpet cleaning method.

5. Better Results than Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Results of carpet cleaning may differ due to multiple reasons and factors. Also, for different carpets, different techniques of carpet cleaning in Melbourne get suggested by professionals. However, in a majority of cases, hot water extraction gives better results even compared to carpet steam cleaning.
  • In steam cleaning, a cleaning solution cannot be added. Therefore, it cannot rinse the fibre of the carpet completely. Unlike carpet steam cleaning, hot water extraction process uses a cleaning solution mixed into the hot water to completely rinse the carpet and carpet fibre.

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