Tips to Prevent and Remove Carpet Dents

Carpet Dents

There can be many causes of carpet dents. One of the most common ones is the furniture placed on the carpet for a long. The weight of furniture leaves a dent when you move it for routine carpet cleaning Melbourne. The best option is to take some preventive steps to reduce the chances of getting dents on the carpet.

3 Tips to Prevent Carpet Dents:

  • If possible do not place heavy furniture on the carpet. You can place it on the floor and have carpet or rugs around it.
  • Do not let furniture be at the same place to cause dents. Rotate the furniture position from the original position. This will prevent dents.
  • Spreading weight is another option. You can get wooden disks to place between carpet and furniture legs. This will reduce the direct weight of the furniture on the carpet and prevent dents.

How to Deal With Carpet Dents:

Even after taking precautions, if you see carpet dents, then this is the time for effective carpet cleaning in Melbourne to remove the dents. Professional carpet steam cleaning often helps in cleaning the carpet thoroughly and removing dents. However, if you want to try your hands at home with some DIY hacks, here you go:

DIY Hack 1:

  • Take a towel and damp it. Use clean water at room temperature for this process.
  • Put the damped towel over the dent.
  • Take iron. Keep it at standard heat and iron the damped towel. It is not carpet steam cleaning but follows a somewhat similar approach to clean the dents. Therefore, it is excellent to clean dents, which are really deep.
  • During the process, do not press the towel too hard just iron over it.
  • Leave the towel as it is to dry out.
  • Once the towel is dry, take it off and vacuum clean the carpet.

DIY Hack 2:

  • This technique of carpet cleaning Melbourne uses a steam iron to clean the dents from the carpet.
  • Take a clean cloth and place it over the affected area.
  • The next step is to steam heat the dented area with a steam iron. Be gentle and careful. Steam should clean the dent, so do not put the iron on the cloth.
  • The last step is to spoon up the dented area.
  • This cleaning method also follows the carpet steam cleaning method to remove dents.

DIY Hack 3:

  • This is the simplest way of removing carpet dents. Put an ice cube on the affected area and relax.
  • The ice cube will reinvigorate the carpet fiber.
  • Once the ice cube completely melts, soak the excess water and liquid from the carpet.
  • Do not use carpet before it gets completely dry.

Even after using these carpet cleaning methods, you see the carpet dents, then you need an expert. We, Toms Cleaning, are renowned for our carpet steam cleaning and other carpet cleaning services. Get in touch with us for more details.

Contact Toms Carpet Cleaning for a professional carpet steam cleaning service in Melbourne.

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