Top 4 Carpet Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Should Know

Top 4 Carpet Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Should Know 26 Sep

Carpet cleaning is necessary as it faces a lot of wear and tears along with footprints on a daily basis. How can we forget those accidental spills that result in stubborn stains on the carpet? Carpet is an important interior and that’s why people spend enough on professional carpet cleaning Melbourne services. Of course, the impact of professional carpet cleaning services is remarkable, but, one cannot afford the same too frequently. To keep your carpet clean, hygienic, and fresh-looking, some DIY carpet cleaning hacks are explained here:

4 DIY Carpet Cleaning Hacks

1. Remove Solids

If your pets pooped on the carpet or there are any other hard solids spilt on the carpet, it cannot be cleaned with a rug. Using traditional carpet cleaning techniques will push the stains deeper into the root. Use a dustpan and a putty knife and move it forward on the solid which will first crumb the solid and collect it into the dustpan.

2. DIY to Clean Shaggy Carpet

It is a tough job to clean shag as hard vacuum can spoil its beauty and soft cleaning may not remove lint from it. As per the best DIY deep carpet cleaning hacks, you must start the cleaning process with a roller to remove the lint from the carpet without damaging it.

3. Cleaning Carpet that Gets Dirty Faster

The carpets that are placed in a living room or hall get dirty faster because they face many footfalls every day. Thus, special deep carpet cleaning hacks need to be applied to it. Here is a quick cleaning method:

  • Take a spray bottle and mix water and adulterate vinegar in the same portion and mix it well.
  • Spray this cleaner on the carpet and let it sit there for some time until it is fully immersed.
  • Now, take a stiff spoon and run it softly to weaken the carpet fiber.

The dirt and other stuff will be collected on the stiff spoon and the carpet will also be re-stretched. It will make it look after a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne.

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4. Removing Chewing Gum from the Carpet

The worst thing you want to deal with is removing chewing gum or similar sticky stuff from your carpet and that also without damaging the carpet. If you are dealing with similar things, worry not, here is one of the best deep carpet cleaning hacks to get that chewing gum off your carpet. Take 2 ice cubes and put them on the affected area. Let it be there for 10 minutes. This will loosen its grip on the carpet fibre so you can remove it easily. Apply these top 4 carpet cleaning hacks to clean your carpets and rugs and also to make them look new. If even after these cleaning hacks, your carpet is not clean completely, take the help of carpet cleaning Melbourne professionals.

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