Carpet Chemicals and Their Effects on Humans and Pets

Carpet Chemicals

Even if carpets look clean, they may have several pollutants like debris, dust mites, etc. The chemical used in carpet cleaning or coating often quickly kill all pollutants. However, they can cause hazardous effects on humans and pets.

Health Risks Due to Carpet Chemicals

Some companies offering carpet cleaning services use cleaning solutions made of chemicals, which give jaw-dropping results, but leave chemicals behind, which can cause health risks. Sometimes, the process of carpet installation also leaves carpet chemicals behind to cause mild to severe health concerns in pets and humans.

Some of the common issues caused because of carpet chemicals are:

  • Deteriorated air quality causing respiratory issues
  • Irritated mucous membranes
  • Allergic reactions like skin rashes, itching, irritation, etc.
  • Weak immune system
  • Kidney damage
  • Lung damage
  • And more

Which Carpet Chemicals are Injurious to Health?

A leading carpet cleaning company offering professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and other suburbs of Australia shared a list of carpet chemicals that are not safe for you and your furry friends:

  • Isobutane
  • Glycol ethers
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Chloride
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium bisulphate
  • Formaldehyde
  • Pine sol

Tips to Avoid Health Risks Caused by Carpet Chemicals:

You can neither avoid using carpet nor avoid using the professional carpet installation and carpet cleaning services. However, you can take certain care steps to make sure you and your pets are not exposed to the carpet chemicals that can cause health issues.

Some of the leading Australian companies offering professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne shared some tips, which are easy to follow and effective.

1. Use of Staples for Carpet Installation

  • Usually, new carpets are installed by the company from where you buy the carpet. For an obvious reason, you are not going to use any sort of carpet cleaning services for your just bought carpet. Being cautious here can help you avoid carpet chemical exposure to your family members and pets.
  • A carpet can be installed using chemical adhesives or staples. In a majority of cases, the technicians will use chemical adhesives.
  • You must voluntarily opt for staples for carpet installation. This will make sure no carpet chemicals get used at the time of carpet installation.
  • Once the carpet is installed, open windows, doors, and other ventilation to let fresh air flow in and out.

2. Never Use Chemical based Cleaning Solutions

  • Chemical based cleaning solutions are excellent in results. With minimum efforts, you can get the best results. But, chemical based cleaning solutions can cause health risks. Moreover, they can also damage the carpet fibre, which is difficult to see with human eyes. You can only realize that when you start seeing the wear and tear in a short period.
  • Whether you clean the carpet yourself or use a professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, you must make sure chemicals are not used for carpet cleaning.

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