5 Easy Steps to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Candles and carpets are excellent complements to any home’s décor. A carpet gives comfort and style, in addition to a soft cushioning element that may help you feel more at ease in your own home. It also collects dust, filth, pet hair, and liquids like food and beverage spillage. A candle not only creates a more positive vibe but can also be used in the event of a power outage. But what if you notice wax on your valuable carpet? Getting candle wax out of carpet is quite challenging as most homeowners tend to damage their carpet during this process.

Here are the 5 Easy Steps for Getting Wax Out of the Carpet

Step 1: Freezing the Waxed Area

The primary step to get wax out of the carpet is freezing the waxed area. The goal here is to cool the wax so you can simply remove it from the carpet.  When it comes to safely removing wax from floor coverings, many companies offering professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne use this technique. You can also use this approach to get candle wax out of carpet. Place an ice pack on the wax to freeze it. You may also cover it in a cloth to avoid the wax from becoming wet.

Step 2: Scrape the Frozen Wax Off

The purpose of this procedure is to get the solid wax out of carpet. You only need a butter knife or spatula to scrape off the waxy residue. If the wax is sufficiently frozen, you should be able to remove it with one turn. The carpet will still appear unclean until you attempt to clean up this remnant, but once gone, along with any lingering carpet stain, the carpet should look fantastic! Just make sure your carpet is totally dry before doing so to avoid any damage.

Step 3: Heat the Wax Using Iron

This procedure will assist you in swiftly and simply removing candle wax out of the carpet. To begin, cover the affected area with a paper towel or a paper bag. Set your iron at a low setting; if it becomes too hot, it may melt the fibres of your carpet. Also, avoid using the steam setting. Now, iron the towel that has been put over the wax stain. This will allow you to put the wax onto the cloth quickly. In place of iron, you can even use a hairdryer.

Step 4: Cleaning the Carpet

Once you have got the wax out of the carpet, it is time to deep clean your carpet. For carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you can use a non-toxic carpet cleaner, white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol (isopropanol)

Step 5: Vacuum Clean the Carpet

Vacuum cleaning after getting wax out of the carpet is crucial. Ensure you do it correctly so that you can quickly recover the carpet’s lost sheen and texture. To restore the appearance of your carpets, you can use the above easy yet effective ways. If you are finding carpet cleaning difficult due to stubborn wax deposition, you can seek professional help too.

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