How Do You Get Apple Sauce Out of Carpet?

Apple Sauce

If you have small children, applesauce is probably one of their favourite foods. Apple sauce is a terrific kid-friendly snack, but when it spills all over and solidifies, it can be a terrible headache to clean up. If the spill has dried or is too difficult to remove, you may need to hire a professional for same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

Follow the procedures below to clean up the applesauce spilled on your carpet and save money on hiring an expert for same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

Pre-cleaning: Scoop Up the Apple sauce

  • The first step is to scoop up as much as you can with a spoon or any other blunt object. This works effectively if the applesauce is still moist.
  • Do not push the spoon into the carpet; instead, scoop it up as if it were a bowl.
  • If the applesauce penetrates deep into the carpet, you may need the help of a company offering same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

Carpet Cleaning:

  • Make a Soapy Water Solution: Prepare a soapy water solution to clean the applesauce from the carpet. Just combine some water and dish soap.
  • Blot out: Wipe the stain and the soapy water solution away using a towel. The soapy water should help to break up the applesauce and make it less difficult to remove. Utilize a fresh section of the towel each time you wipe the carpet to avoid transferring the applesauce you wiped back onto the carpet.
  • Rinse and remove soap: Dampen a clean towel with simple water after removing the stain. Blot the affected area to “rinse” it and remove the soap.

Use Ammonia if the Stain Persists

If the stain remains after following the steps mentioned above, consider applying ammonia.

  • Apply a small quantity of ammonia on the stain.
  • Wipe with a clean towel to remove the applesauce and ammonia.
  • Afterward, rinse the carpet with warm water and wipe the area until it is just moist.

Air Dry followed by Vacuuming

Let the carpet area air dry. Next, using your vacuum cleaner, go over the area again. This will sweep up and remove any leftover applesauce fragments. It will also loosen and refresh the carpet fibres after all the treatment they have been subjected to.

Useful Tips

  • Before applying ammonia to the stained patch, try it in a hidden area. This will ensure that there are no discolorations or detrimental consequences on the carpet.
  • Keep in mind that ammonia has a strong odour, so make sure the space is adequately ventilated.
  • While washing the carpet, always blot it. Rubbing will drive the stain deeper into the carpet and may cause fibre damage. 

You have the best chance of getting the applesauce out if you identify it straight away; but, even if the stain has settled in, you should be able to get it out by following the procedure above.

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