10 Easy Tips For DIY Steam Clean Carpet Process

Steam Clean Carpet

Carpets have become an essential commodity when you go for home decor. Naturally, just like any other perishable product, you need to take good care of your carpet for enhancing its good health and durability. You can do that by cleaning it up yourself, but there are always some stubborn stains and spills that are left even after a good wash. In such cases, you need to do some extra bit clean. You can steam clean the carpet yourself effectively if you follow the steps discussed here.

DIY Steam Clean Carpet Process

To remove debris, dirt, stuck deep in the carpet, steam cleaning can be a good practice. These are the steps you should take while doing it:

1. Clear The Room

Clear The Room – The foremost step you need to do is take off everything lying on the floor. Clear as much space as possible. Heavier furniture is tough to move, so in such cases place wax paper foil under the legs to protect them from moisture.

2. Dust The Baseboard

Dust The Baseboard – Use a dust cloth or a long handled duster to remove as much dust as possible. Do not forget to dust the ceiling fans and the ceiling corners to prevent dust falling from them.

3. Vacuum

Vacuum – Time to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Steam cleaning process is meant to remove finer dirt particles and not the general dust. So vacuum and clean the carpet first. Moreover the process even includes fluffing the surface in order to ensure that the steam can clean the fibre more effectively.

4. Use Stain Remover

Use Stain Remover – On specific hard stains as steamers can’t always lift set-in stains, use a carpet stain remover or other natural solutions. Blot it with a cloth, dab the stain and never scrub.

5. Fill The Steam Cleaner

Fill The Steam Cleaner – After the above steps, it’s time to fill the steam cleaner with hot water. Make a note that you should not overfill the water tank of the cleaner, as few natural fibre carpets may shrink from hot water or when they come in contact with detergent. So be informed about the nature of your carpet.

6. Add Soap For Steam Clean Carpet

Add SoapSteam clean carpet by adding a soap or detergent of any kind, but it would be prudent if you read the machine’s instructions first. Only use the amount instructed, too much soap may stay in the carpet after clean up.

Steam Clean Carpet

7. Opt For Vinegar

Opt For Vinegar – Switch to vinegar if you are sensitive to chemicals. Ensure that you mix it properly with water in equal measure.

8. Steam The Entire Carpet

Steam The Entire Carpet – So what is the next alternative to carpet cleaning? Now steam the complete carpet, starting from the corner, and then slowly work on the entire carpet. Clean the small areas in the corner first. If the room has multiple exits, then you have the liberty of starting from wherever you want.

9. Push Or Pull

Push Or Pull – Push or pull the machine as directed. Steam cleaners put hot water on the carpet and then suck up the dirty water. Some machines are meant for push to lay the water and pulled up to suck. So you need to read the instructions first.

10. Dry The Carpet

Dry The Carpet – Wow! You are almost done, now the last step is you need to dry the carpet completely after you are satisfied with the cleaning. It may take some 12-24 hours for your carpet to dry completely. Don’t walk over the carpet during that time.

So this is how you steam clean the carpet. You may also get help from steam carpet cleaning professionals in Melbourne if you do not want to do it yourself.

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