Why Do Carpets Need To Be Clean in Summer Season

Summer Carpet Cleaning

Usually, Australians clean their carpet, upholstery, and other household items at the end of any season to welcome a new season with a clean house and fresh mood. The summer has already arrived in Melbourne and many houses have already welcomed summers. However, do you know that summer also brings the hassle of frequent Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

Summer carpet cleaning becomes a hectic and frequent job for many. There are many reasons, which increase the frequency of DIY and professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Let us share some of the major ones.

1. Faster Dirt Accumulation

  • The summer season is a favourite of many Australians because of the pleasant weather.
  • People enjoy spending time outside their houses with their family or hanging out with friends.
  • Enjoying days at the beach is quite common during summers in Melbourne.
  • When people come back after a day out at a beach or after spending some quality time at the mall, they are likely to bring more dirt and dust accumulated on their hair, clothes, and shoes.
  • This dirt will find its way quite easily to your carpet and make it dirtier quite faster.
  • This increases the need for summer carpet cleaning quite frequently.

2. Kids Make Carpet Really Dirty

  • The summer season brings holidays, so your kids will stay inside your house for more hours.
  • Kids are mischievous while playing and no matter how strict you are, they will find ways to spill dirt, dust, food, and what not on your carpet.
  • Kids are likely to make your carpet, so dirty that all you can do is seek professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Kids are likely to spend more time running or playing on your carpet than on your couch or patio.
  • You may need more frequent deep summer carpet cleaning services from professionals because dust and dirt were thrown into your carpet.

3. Parties and Gatherings

  • The summer season brings the holiday season in Melbourne, which may increase the number of weekend barbeque and occasional parties and gatherings.
  • Even if you have adults attending the party, you really cannot control beer or a glass of wine getting spilled over your carpet. Food and liquid are likely to hit your carpet.
  • You are less likely to start cleaning your carpet in front of your guests, which would leave stubborn stains behind.
  • Carpet cleaning in Melbourne after a party will be a nightmare that you want to avoid at any cost, but it is quite common during summers.
  •  Of course, you wouldn’t stop your friends and family from coming over and having those fun moments. This will increase the need and frequency for professional summer carpet cleaning.

Concluding Notes

Summer is a season to meet friends, spend more time with family, and hit new places for Australians. However, it also increases dirt accumulation on household things. Carpets are an easy victim of dirt, dust, and stains. Thus, you need to be prepared for summer carpet cleaning as you may need to clean it more often.  

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