Two Causes Behind the Recurring Carpet Stains

Recurring Carpet Stains

Have you gone through the frustration of reappearing carpet stains? You put all the efforts and hours of hard work to remove stains from the carpet and within a few hours, days or weeks, it appears again. This is indeed very frustrating yet common if you use a shampoo and rinsing process to clean the carpet. These recurring carpet stains appear due to two causes briefed below:

Two Causes Behind the Recurring Carpet Stains

1. Carpet Wicking

Some stains reappear because of carpet wicking. In this case, the stains are not only on the surface, but they have made their way deep in the carpet fabric till the carpet pad.

When you perform the carpet cleaning process the water will go inside the carpet fabric and it will get mixed with the stains residing deep inside and in the pad and this will make water discoloured and dirty. During the water extraction process as part of cleaning the carpet, some of this dirty water will be extracted, but much of it will stay in the fabric and carpet pad.

This process will clean the surface and that is why the stains will not appear on the surface immediately after the carpet cleaning process. However, gradually, when moisture will dissolve the stains will reappear on the carpet as the dirty water will get wicked in an upward direction.

In a nutshell, if you are facing reappearing carpet stains as soon as you finish the cleaning process, the one you are supposed to blame is carpet wicking.

2. Carpet Residue

This is another cause of recurring carpet stains. If due to any reason the cleaning solutions such as soap, shampoo, or any other cleaning solution is not removed completely from the carpet, it will result in carpet residue. The unclean carpet cleaning agents with residue in the carpet and those are stickier in nature. Thus, it will collect dust and dirt on it. For example, as soon as someone walks on the residue section, the spot will appear and it will keep accumulating more and more dust. This soil and dust will be so sticky that it gets difficult to remove with mere vacuuming.

In the case of carpet residue, you might be thinking that these are reappearing carpet stains, but those are actually new stains coming because of left out cleaning agents in the carpet.

Worth of Steam Carpet Cleaning for Your Carpet


Carpet cleaning is a well-defined cleaning process. Of course, you can do regular vacuuming to keep the surface clean, but to deep clean the carpet, you must take the help of professional cleaning service providers. Toms Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service is renowned for its quality result. The certified cleaning technician first inspects the carpet and stains on it. They choose the carpet cleaning process, cleaning agent, and cleaning type according to the fabric of the carpet and type of the stain. Toms Carpet Cleaning provides guaranteed best quality carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia. To get a free quote, please call on 1300 068 194.

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