Top 6 Worst Things to Spill on Carpet

Spill on Carpet

A spill on a carpet can be dangerous even if it is water. Some things are easier to clean without any need for an expert carpet cleaning service. On the other hand, some things need meticulous cleaning and for that, a professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne is a must.

Following are the worst things to spill on the carpet even accidentally so take added care to avoid these spilling mistakes.

1. Red or white wine

  • Wine, white and red, can be dangerous to your carpet as it has acidic elements in it.
  • Along with leaving stubborn stains, it may also discolour the carpet.
  • Light-coloured carpets can get into the worst condition, and need immediate cleaning.
  • Even if you are going to use an expert carpet cleaning service, you must use some DIY cleaning hacks to reduce the effect of red wine on your carpet.

2. Nail paint

  • Nail paint colours often leave permanent marks on the carpet and thus, should be avoided in any case.
  • Try to paint your nails away from the carpet else you will make an irrevocable mistake.
  • An effective nail paint removal needs a professional steam carpet cleaning service.

3. Bleach

  • Bleach has discolouration agents in it and it can make anything lighter with its effect.
  • It is definitely not a friend of your carpet. Within a minute, it will hamper your carpet fabric and its colours.
  • Even dark-coloured carpets cannot escape the volatile effect of bleach.
  • Even professional carpet cleaning will face a hard time restoring your carpet once bleach leaves its marks on it.

4. Blood

  • The stains of blood on the carpet also have a disastrous effect, especially, on the light-coloured fabric of the carpet.
  • A professional carpet cleaning service can help in restoring the carpet to its original shape, but it is recommended to take preliminary cleaning steps to restrict it to make stubborn stains.

5. Coffee

  • Coffee spills on the carpet or even on upholstery are quite common.
  • Coffee spill can immediately start spreading on the carpet and pushes down to the fibre.
  • This puts coffee on the list of worst things to spill on your carpet.
  • Coffee stains will need a strong professional carpet cleaner to remove the stain effectively.

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6. Tomato

  • Tomato also has a quick-spreading effect like coffee and blood spills.
  • It also has some acidic properties that may leave stubborn stains that are difficult to treat.
  • It is always recommended to keep everything red away from your carpet. However, still, if you have spilt tomato, tomato juice or tomato soup on the carpet, act really fast.
  • Treating the fresh stains can help you restrict tomatoes to go deeper into the fibre and turn into a stubborn stains.
  • It is less likely to remove tomato stains completely with DIY carpet cleaning hacks, but still, it is efficient to reduce the effect before you get a carpet cleaning service.

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