Tips to Take Care of Your Carpet Like a Pro


People, that are cleanliness lovers, are always bothered about carpet care in their houses because it is one of the spots that get dirtier. If you are thinking about how an expert carpet cleaning professional keeps his carpet clean, read on.

1. Vacuum your Carpet Regularly in a Professional Manner

The first step for carpet care is to vacuum it regularly. If your carpet is placed in a high-traffic area, then you must vacuum it twice a week else you can vacuum it once a week. The professional way of carpet cleaning is to vacuum it like you do lawn mowing. Your suction should be strong to pull all dirt in the machine. Be slow and steady to collect all dirt from the carpet.

2. Use Rugs in the High Traffic Area

One of the effective carpet care solutions is that you get good quality rugs and place them in areas that face a lot of footprints. This will reduce dirt on the carpet. For example, putting rugs outside of doors will help you keep dirt outside the door.

3. Keep Shoes Outside or at the Door

Many people have a habit of walking in the house with shoes. This will bring all dirt, mud, and impurities they may have on their shoes. Thus, cultivate the habit of removing shoes outside and enforce the same to all. If you and/or your family members are not comfortable walking barefoot in the house, then you can keep separate sneakers for each member to use in the house.

4. Clean Stains Immediately

One of the expert carpet cleaning tips is to make sure to attend the spillage and stains as soon as you notice it. The stains and spillage will be stubborn if they are left unattended. You can use homemade carpet cleaning solutions to remove stains. If it stays even after the cleaning process, then you need to call a professional company or an expert to do the needful.

5. Move Furniture and Clean Carpet Completely Periodically

Carpet care requires you to take care of the complete carpet and not only the visible part of it. If you have placed furniture on the carpet, once in a month or quarter, move the furniture and clean the carpet completely. You can use vacuuming for regular cleaning.

Can I Put My Furniture Back After Professional Carpet Cleaning

6. Use Expert Carpet Cleaning from a Professional Occasionally

If you cannot afford to take the benefit of professional carpet cleaning services regularly, at least once in 6 to 8 months, you should invest in expert carpet cleaning services. The technicians come with natural carpet care solutions and machines. This type of cleaning will remove all stains and make your carpet like a brand new one.

Advantages to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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