Tips to Take Care of a Wool Carpet to Extend Its Life

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool carpets are amazing not just because they are cosy and beautiful, but also because they are low maintenance. If you take good care of the wool carpet, the carpet can last for a long time.

In this blog post, we will share some important tips that you can keep in mind to take good care of your wool carpet and extend its life and preserve its beauty.

How to Extend The Life of Your Carpet To Extend its Life and Preserve its Appearance:

1. Vacuum clean the carpet regularly

  • Wool carpet cleaning is easy because of its microscopic scales.
  • With the right cleaning attachment and a vacuum cleaner, you must clean your wool carpet every alternate day. If footfalls on this carpet are not heavy, you can also make it once or twice a week.
  • Vacuum cleaning will help you keep your wool carpet in a good shape.

2. Care tips to maintain your carpet in a good shape

  • Act on the spills as soon as you see them avoid the need for an emergency carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Make sure you do not put heavy stuff on the wool carpet as it can fade it or hamper the fibre with its weight. If you have to put some stuff on it, change the sides of the carpet or shift furniture from time to time to protect your wool carpet.
  • Never use harsh chemicals for cleaning because it may give excellent and immediate results, but ultimately, it will hamper its fibre.
  • If you use any new wool carpet cleaning hack, you must perform a patch test first to see if it works well on the carpet or not. Usually, wool carpet is easier to clean, but using the right cleaning solutions is necessary to enjoy the long life of the carpet.
  • You should ensure that direct sunlight is not reaching your carpet, whether it is a wool carpet or any other fabric. Sunrays can weaken the fibres and result in fading and quicker wear and tear. You can keep doors and windows closed when the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight. You can also use blinds and curtains to avoid direct sunlight
  • Don’t make your carpet too wet during the cleaning process as it can negatively affect your carpet. You must dry out your carpet as soon as it gets wet for any reason.
  • At a regular interval, use a professional carpet cleaning service Melbourne.

Dealing with stains

  • You can use a mild dish wash cleaner diluted in water to clean stains on your wool carpet.
  • You can use white vinegar diluted in water for wool carpet cleaning while you are dealing with stubborn stains of food or liquid.
  • If you can’t get rid of stains within one or two attempts, use an emergency carpet cleaning in Melbourne from a reliable carpet cleaning company.

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