Should I Clean My Carpet Before or After Carpet Stretching?

Carpet Stretching

Carpet cleaning is something all homeowners take seriously, but only cleaning is not enough. Homeowners need to make sure their carpets are not baggy, lumpy, or loose. It will not only hamper the appearance of your carpet, but will also make your family member falls if they walk across that part of the carpet.

Along with carpet cleaning, carpet stretching is also very important.

What is Carpet Stretching?

  • It is a process of tightening your carpet.
  • Carpet stretching will remove wrinkles, waves, bubbles, and similar issues from the carpet.

How Cleaning and Stretching are Related?

In multiple ways carpet cleaning and stretching are relevant. Let’s explore some of the facts:

  • If your carpet has waves or wrinkles, then carpet cleaning will become a tough job.
  • A simple vacuuming will pile up the carpet. Therefore, you will not be able to get the expected results.
  • If you decide to use professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service, but if your carpet is loose, then it will result in a waste of money. Of course, the professionals will do their job at the best possible. However, during cleaning, it will bunch up. This may result in a time-consuming cleaning process and you may not get excellent results.
  • If you see wrinkles after carpet stretching, then do not worry. A professional cleaning company can eliminate them with steam cleaning. However, loose carpet can become a hurdle in getting the best results.
  • If your carpet is loose or have bubbles and still, you attempt to clean it, then it would cause more wrinkles. It would make it look quite unpleasant.

Which is first: Cleaning or Stretching?

  • You must have already presumed the answer.
  • Carpet stretching needs to be performed before cleaning it if your carpet is loose.
  • If your carpet is stretched, then not only cleaning will give excellent results, but it will also improve its appearance, quality, and life.

What to Keep in Mind?

  • Steam carpet cleaning Melbourne can help in removing wrinkles and waves, which do not go even after stretching the carpet.
  • You need to make sure you are not overstretching your carpet. This can permanently damage the carpet. Therefore, always take the help of experts to stretch your carpet. The professional company offering your carpet cleaning in Melbourne can give you the required suggestions and help.
  • If you do not address buckles and wrinkles in the carpet on time, then it may cause permanent damage to it. Repairing or replacing the carpet can be quite an expensive deal.

Concluding Notes

You need to stretch your carpet as soon as you start seeing it bunching up or having bubbles. Cleaning a carpet without stretching it will not only waste the efforts on cleaning it, but it may also damage it in some cases. The best practice is to perform carpet cleaning only after carpet stretching.

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