How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work?

Professional carpet cleaning

When you decide to take the service of professional carpet cleaning, you actually take one of the best decisions. Professionals do this job very meticulously and methodically. To let you gauge the worth of professional carpet cleaning, I will share a step-by-step method followed by the top carpet cleaning companies in Australia:

7 Steps to Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Inspection

Carpet cleaning professionals will first inspect the carpet along with its condition. They check the material, manufacture’s guide, accumulated dirt, dust, etc.

2. Decide the Cleaning Process

Based on the information collected in the first step, the cleaning experts decide the cleaning process. There are two carpet cleaning processes used by the experts:

1.      Carpet Steam Cleaning

2.      Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning always gives really good results. Thus, often it is used preferably for the carpet cleaning. However, in some cases, carpet dry cleaning is also sufficient.

3. Remove Dust and Dirt

Professional cleaning experts always do this step. Some people skip this step if they are going to do steam carpet cleaning which is not a good approach. All solid and dried out dust particles and objects need to be cleaned first. The experts use a really powerful vacuum cleaner to remove all dust, which may get left out with a regular one.

4. Grime Suspension

There are some dust particles and grime that cannot be removed with vacuuming. This is mandatory for the carpets that are soiled. The process followed is as below:

  • Apply the cleaning solution, which is often chemical-based on the carpet. The benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning service is that the experts know which cleaning solution needs to be used so the dirt can be removed without adversely affecting the fiber, color or appearance of the carpet.
  • Professionals will apply heat or use a warmer solution to effectively remove grime.
  • Stir up the cleaning solution with the right equipment.
  • Let it sit for a while.

It will effectively clean all those dirt and grimes that cannot be removed with vacuuming.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

5. Professional Cleaning the Carpet

Now, the professionals will completely clean the carpet in a step-wise manner based on the selected process:

  • If the carpet dry cleaning method is used the experts will use dry vacuuming or absorbing process to remove the cleaning solution.
  •  In the case of carpet steam cleaning, one of the following methods will be used to clean it:
    • Hot water extraction
    • Wet-vacuuming
    • Rinsing

6. Carpet Sprucing

This step is not followed by all professional carpet cleaning companies, but some of them offer it. It is not part of the cleaning method, but it enhances the look of the carpet. Here, they use a carpet rake to groom the carpet.

Advantage of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

7. Carpet Drying

This is the final step in the professional carpet cleaning method. The professionals will use their equipment. The carpet cleaned with carpet steam cleaning takes more time and need big fans or similar equipment to get dried. On the other hand, if the carpet dry cleaning approach would dry it out within no time.

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