Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary to Get Bond Back

Bond Back

Tenants need to face the end of lease inspection by their landlord while moving out. Many lessees stay stressed about what if they do not get the money back for their bond while moving out. There is nothing to worry about as in Australia, the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) has defined some rules for tenants and landlords to keep the interest of both and End of Lease Carpet Cleaning or end of lease property cleaning is a vital part of these rules.

If you are unaware of these rules or if you are wondering whether you need End of Lease Carpet Cleaning or not to get your bond back, this article will help you with all the necessary information.

What does the Residential Tenancy Authority define?

The rule defined by RTA mentions that tenants have to return the property in the same condition as it was when the tenant had moved in. It means nothing should be broken, damaged, or messed up, including, but not limited to the carpet.

Normal wear and tear is allowed, which can be wear and tear due to normal use, sunlight, or other natural factors.

Is Carpet Cleaning Necessary to get the Bond Back?

As mentioned earlier in this article, RTA has defined that the property has to be returned in the same condition as it was when occupied. As we all know, carpet is one of the house items that get dirty with use. If you have kids or pets, it may also have stains, dander, etc. All this has to be cleaned to return the property in the right condition as pre-RTA.

In the following cases, you have to perform carpet cleaning in Melbourne

  • If it has some sort of stains
  • If it is filthy
  • If it is damaged, in this case, along with carpet cleaning, you may also need carpet restoration

Is the End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Necessary to Get the Bond Back?

If you have the right skills, you can clean your carpet yourself with DIY hacks available for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. But, in many cases, it is difficult to restore the carpet to its original form with normal cleaning methods, which is why even end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne offer specialized end-of-lease carpet cleaning services. This service includes a thorough cleaning of the carpet based on its current condition and how it was originally.

In many cases, steam carpet cleaning in Melbourne is used by professional cleaners to thoroughly clean the carpet and restore it to its original form. But, if you have been using regular carpet cleaning and your carpet is not in bad shape, then simply End of Lease carpet cleaning will also do the needful to get your bond back.

Apart from RTA rules, it is also good to return a clean property to the landlord to keep an amicable relationship even when you are bidding adieu.

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