How to Remove Ketchup Stains From Your Carpet?

ketchup stains

When you drop ketchup on your carpet, it seems like a sin instead of a mistake. It can ruin the look of your favourite carpet. Ketchup stain is stubborn and removing it can be such a tough job. You can take help from companies offering professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

If you are looking for some effective carpet stain removal methods to remove ketchup stain, we have some for you.

Carpet Cleaning DIY Hack 1:

  • If you have just dropped ketchup, then you must treat it immediately to reduce your carpet stain removal efforts. Take some paper towels and wipe off ketchup from the surface as much as you can. Don’t push it too hard or rub as it can push it deep into the fibre.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet area in the next step of carpet cleaning in Melbourne. This step will further remove ketchup particles from the surface.
  • To create carpet stain removal, mix water and liquid dish soap and make a foamy solution. Spray this carpet cleaning solution on the ketchup stain. Let it sit for half an hour.
  • After half an hour vacuum the area to remove the residues of ketchup.
  • Take a clean cloth and damp it in warm water. Wash the ketchup stain with a damped cloth by dabbing in a circular manner.

Carpet Cleaning DIY Hack 2:

  • If you notice a ketchup stain after some time, you already have a stubborn stain to deal with and an effective method of carpet cleaning in Melbourne is needed.
  • Take a butter knife and gently scrape off the ketchup from the surface.
  • Make carpet stain removal solution by mixing liquid dish soap with water.
  • Take a clean cloth and damp it into the carpet cleaning solution and start blotting ketchup stain with a damped cloth. Keep damping cloth into the carpet cleaning solution and blotting the stained area to remove the stain completely.
  • Once the stain is removed, wash off the carpet with cold water.

Carpet Cleaning DIY Hack 3:

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work for you, then here is an even more effective method of carpet cleaning in Melbourne to remove ketchup stains:

  • Scrape off ketchup stain with a butter knife if you have not already.
  • Take a spray bottle. Pour 1 cup of ammonia and 4 cups of warm water into the spray bottle and mix it well to create an effective carpet stain removal solution.
  • Spray the carpet cleaning solution on ketchup stain. Take a soft bristle brush or a scrub and start rubbing it gently in a circular manner for some minutes. You will start seeing the stain getting disappeared.
  • Let the cleaning solution completely clean the ketchup stain by leaving it for a few minutes until it is dry.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet.
  • Rinse off the carpet with warm water to remove the ammonia-based carpet stain removal.

If this stain cleaning method doesn’t remove ketchup stain, call Toms Cleaning on 1300 068 194 for Professional Cleaning services.

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