How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Carpet?

Sun Damage

Carpet fading is normal. With time, your carpet will fade the colour. However, you can minimize the effect and prolong the beauty of your carpet and its colours with some care precautions. To answer the question: how to prevent carpet fading? we need you to first know what causes it.

Here are Some of the Contributors to the Carpet Fading:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Spills and stains of food and drink
  • Certain lotions and medicines such as acne medicines, bleach, etc.
  • Chemical-based harsh cleaning agents
  • And more

For the rest of the things, all you can do to stop carpet fading is be careful and do not spill anything on the carpet, as much as you can. If there are stubborn stains, better call a professional company for carpet cleaning who know this job well and use friendly cleaning agents.

One of the major contributors to carpet fading is the sun and its UV rays. I will give some tips on carpet care so you can stop losing the beauty of your carpet due to the sun.

Tips to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Carpet

  • Try to minimize direct sunlight on the carpet. You can fold the carpet and hang it in the dark area where UV rays of the sun cannot reach.
  • Keep blinds on when there is direct and harsh sunlight coming directly on the carpet.
  • Add tint films on windows which let the sunlight comes in, but filters UV rays.
  • Add protections to your floor to stop carpet fading from sun damage.
  • There are some carpet sprays available in the market, which make sure your carpet does not get converted into the sun-faded carpet.
  • Apply it regularly as it can lose effect after some days and after each round of cleaning.
  • Regularly clean the carpet with vacuuming and other cleaning solutions that are suitable for your carpet to reduce the effect.

Effective Guide to Remove White Wine Stains

To prevent your carpet from sun damage, follow above tips. There are some more tips that answer how to prevent carpet fading:

  • Wear socks when walking on the carpet.
  • Do not eat or drink on the carpet. If you like to sit and eat on the floor, then cover the carpet with a cloth before eating on it.
  • Regularly clean the carpet.
  • Do not scrub carpet too hard to remove stains.
  • Take professional carpet cleaning services on time to time basis to keep it clean and hygienic as well as to prevent carpet fading.
  • Do not use a chemical-based carpet cleaning agent. You better use vinegar, salt, baking soda, and similar natural cleaning agents.
  • Always do spot testing, when trying a cleaning method for the first time.
  • For stubborn stains, take professional services instead of experimenting on the carpet.

As mentioned earlier, carpet fading is normal and you will see that. However, sun-faded carpet is not normal as you can prevent that. Follow these tips to prolong the life and beauty of your carpet.

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