How to Keep a Rug Clean Like a Professional

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Your area rug needs more than just simple rug cleaning methods. To deal with stubborn stains, dust mites, bacteria, and other toxic impurities, you need professional Rug Cleaning Melbourne service. If you do not clean and maintain the area rugs appropriately, then it can cause multiple concerns such as:

  • It can cause allergies and other health issues
  • It will hamper the interior
  • The life of the rug will be shorter than it should be

To keep it clean and hygienic; and to extend its life, follow these Rug Cleaning Melbourne tips shared by the professionals:

1. Vacuum It On Each Side

Generally, area rugs are cleaned on the top with a vacuum cleaner. However, as per the rug cleaning experts, the rug needs to be cleaned from each side of it.

  • Remove the dust by dusting it outside your house. Do not whack it too hard. Continue knocking it to remove the dust until you see the dust cloud gets disappeared
  • After that vacuuming, it on both sides will keep it completely clean.

2. Wash it Regularly

  • Area rugs need to be washed regularly to remove the dirt, dust, dust mites, and other contaminations.
  • Use the correct area rug cleaning products such as shampoo or cleaning solution to clean it wholly without hampering its appearance.
  • After washing it, you must make sure it is completely dry. Therefore, choose a sunny day to wash the rug.

Please note, often area rugs are large enough, which make them difficult to handle by a single person. Therefore, it is better to use a professional service from experts in Melbourne and save your energy.

3. Stay Proactive to Deal with Spills:

  • The Rug Cleaning Melbourne companies suggest taking immediate action to effectively remove spills before it transforms into stubborn stains.
  • Never rub stains too hard else it can hamper the fabric.

4. Choose Cleaning Tools, Technologies, and Products Carefully

Area rugs are made of different fabric, so they have to be cleaned distinctively. The right rug cleaning method will not only clean the area rug completely, but it will also bestow many other advantages. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned tips to get effective results:

  • To get the best results from your efforts invested in rug clean Melbourne, use the latest technology and tools.
  • Always choose fabric-friendly cleaning solutions and products. You can also check the manufacturer’s warning to choose the right cleaning solution.
  • Before applying any homemade cleaning solution, perform a spot test.

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5. Invest in Professional Rug Cleaning

The experts in Melbourne recommend regular rug cleaning Melbourne services. According to the professionals, the high-quality cleaning tools and advanced technology used by the professional companies and certified cleaners are not available and affordable to homeowners. Therefore, DIY hacks cannot replace the effect of professional rug cleaning. This makes it essential to invest in the professional services to thoroughly clean the area rug.

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