How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?


Carpet beetles are not only ugly to have on your carpet, but they can also cause severe damages. Thus, it is necessary to identify them early and get rid of them with effectual carpet cleaning.

Facts About Carpet Beetles:

  • Length of an adult carpet beetle can be 1mm to 4 mm
  • It is of colour white, orange, yellow, or black or a combination of multiple colours

As you can imagine, they are quite tiny to get noticed. However, if you perform the regular carpet cleaning, you are more likely to notice them early.

How Does Your Carpet Get Beetles?

This is a common question you would get when you encounter it the first time. Honestly, it is difficult to identify its source as there are many sources that let it make its way to the house and lay eggs to increase the population. 

Common sources:

  • Infested furniture brought into the house
  • Through air from open doors and windows

It can grow faster, so if you do not perform carpet cleaning regularly, then they get just the right environment to breed and grow.

Why Do They Get To The Carpet?

The simple reason is your carpet gives them a safe place to live and just the right ambience to breed and grow if you are not cleaning the carpet in routine. Some breeds of the beetles eat dead skin cells, which they can find plenty in carpet and upholstery.

How Dangerous Can It Be?

Beetles are very destructive. It would not only damage the carpet, but it can also damage your upholstery, other furniture, clothes, etc. Some breed of it such as larvae can chew up holes in the items.

How To Know Whether Your Carpet Has Beetles Or Not?

If you usually do carpet cleaning, then it is very easy to notice them. In other cases, you can notice them flying around sources of light such as a lamp, window, etc. You can also notice them gathering on the carpet or crawling on certain items such as upholstery, clothes, floor, etc.

Often, people ignore them by thinking it would be a single beetle, which you get rid of. However, the truth can be different. Thus, if you see any sign of beetle, thoroughly examine your carpet.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles?

You can use some DIY hacks of removing beetles such as vacuuming, followed by carpet cleaning with cleaning solutions. However, this is not really the effectual way to remove them. You may leave some of them accumulated in the fibre roots, which can grow again. The best and most effectual way of getting rid of carpet beetles permanently is using carpet steam cleaning. As you must know, steam cleaning uses very hot water to clean the carpet from the surface to root. It will remove all beetles from your carpet. However, to perform effective carpet steam cleaning, you must have the required tools and expertise. Thus, the best option is calling professionals to do this job and sit back and relax.

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