How To Clean Your Carpet This Christmas

Clean Your Carpet

The moment you enter your house; the living room carpet makes your feet feel at home. Who wouldn’t like to walk on a smooth, velvety and comforting texture! But good things do need better maintenance and during Christmas, amidst everything to worry about, you might not have time to maintain your carpet as you always do. So here are some tips to clean your carpet this christmas.

4 Steps to Clean Your Carpet This Christmas 2021

1. Start with Vacuuming

Carpets tend to accumulate a lot of dust on the surface. The best way to get rid of the majority dust is to use a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum will suck the fine dust particles, hairs and debris from between the fibers, allowing you to properly clean the stains on the carpet. Use proper attachments of the cleaner and move it both horizontally and vertically over the entire carpet area 2 to 3 times.

2. Clean the floor beneath

You need to clean the floor beneath and around the carpet area. Move the carpet aside and vacuum the floor area and later clean it with a mop and basic detergent solution to remove any stains on the floor.

3. Remove the Carpet Stains

Stains on the carpet might often penetrate deep within making it a difficult task to clean. Different stains have different remedies. If you spill something on your carpet, dab the area quickly with clean cloth and water. Do not scrub the surface as it will make the stain worse. For old stains, you can use a carpet cleaning solution available in the market, a nail polish remover, Hydrogen peroxide, Rubbing alcohol or a Hairspray, whichever suits for the type of stain. But you need to avoid excessive use of bleaching agents and stain removers as they can decolorize the carpet and reduce the fabric lifespan. It is better that your carpet is made up of stain-resistant material such as Nylon, Polyester, Berber, wool, loop carpets etc. as these are easy to maintain, durable and classy altogether.

4. Prevent Damages

  • It is always better to avoid ambushing your rug than maintaining it. Take care of the following small things on a daily basis:
  • Use strain restraint carpet protectors like for easy stain removal
  • Remove your dirty shoes before you enter the room
  • Use floor mats to keep your feet clean or wear indoor footwear
  • Watch your pets as they tend to urinate on the carpets if not trained
  • If you have furry pets, it is recommended to vacuum the floor and carpet daily to avoid the accumulation of hairs on the carpet
  • Keep a shoe rack at the entrance which says in itself for your guests to remove their shoes before entering
  • Avoid ripples on the carpet. Make sure to get the right dimensions while purchasing a new rug.

Also, don’t get obsessed with the cleaning as housekeeping cannot be perfect. You can also call Toms Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to get same day, on-site services on 1300 068 194. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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