How Do You Get Beet Stains Out of Carpet

Beet Stains

Tabletop to your hands, clothes, and even your carpet, everything can get stubborn beet stains. Beet stain removal from carpet needs patience and effort. Of course, companies offering expert carpet cleaning in Melbourne can make this tough job easier. However, if you want to make your hands dirty, we have some effective hacks to clean beet or beet juice stains from your carpet.

Prepare Carpet for Cleaning

  • The first step is to remove excess liquid of beetroot or its juice from the carpet.
  • Remove the pieces of beet if you have dropped them. If you have dropped juice, jump to the next step of beet stain removal.
  • Take a dry cloth or grab some paper towels to dab the stained area on the carpet.
  • Keep dabbing until your cloth comes out clean.

Carpet Cleaning Hack to Remove Beet Stains

Guide 1:

  • Take a slice of white bread.
  • Take a bowl full of clean water.
  • Soak the white bread in the water.
  • Wring excess water from the white bread by putting it between your palms.
  • Put this bread slice on the stained area of the carpet. Let it sit there.
  • It will work as a great beet stain removal technique as wet bread will soak up the stains.
  • Take off the bread after 2 minutes.
  • If the stain is still there repeat the process.

Guide 2:

  1. Mix half tablespoon liquid dish wash soap into one cup of warm water. Mix it well to create a beet stain removal solution.
  2. Take a microfiber cloth and moisten it in the cleaning solution you have created in the first step.
  3. Rub the stained area with the moist cloth in a circular manner. Go from outwards to inwards. Be gentle while rubbing so you don’t push the stain in the fibre.
  4. Repeat steps number 2 and 3 until the stain is faded.
  5. This will remove the stain.
  6. Next step to get results like expert carpet cleaning in Melbourne, mix equal parts of warm water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake it well to mix water and vinegar.
  7. Spray this liquid on the stained area. Leave it for three to five minutes.
  8. Take a clean and dry microfiber cloth and damp it in clean water.
  9. Rub the moist cloth on the stained area in a circular manner. This process will remove the cleaning solutions you have used on the carpet.
  10. Continue the damping and rubbing process until the cloth is coming out clean without soap or vinegar signs on it.
  11. Take a dry cloth and blot the excess liquid from the carpet.
  12. This best stain removal technique will remove the beet stains completely.

If you experience stains, even after using these techniques, then you better call the company offering expert carpet cleaning in Melbourne and use steam or dry carpet cleaning.

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