Guide for Deep Carpet Cleaning after Renovation

Guide for Deep Carpet Cleaning after Renovation 23 Mar

After renovating a home, it must look amazing. However, renovation leaves dirt and dust behind that lingers on different surfaces and even transmits in the air. One of the most common surface areas that get affected by dirt is your carpet. Thus, after renovation, you must give attention to deep carpet cleaning.

Normal vacuum cleaning or simple cleaning is not an option after a home renovation. You can either use professional carpet cleaning to clean or restore your carpet to its original state. Alternatively, you can deep clean your carpet with the guidelines shared in this article.

1. Vacuum cleaning

  • Vacuum cleaning is not deep carpet cleaning, but it is the first step of it.
  • It will lift up dirt and dander from the carpet surface to make the further cleaning process easy and effective.

Once you finish deep cleaning, keep the practice of vacuum cleaning your carpet at least two to three times a week to keep it in good condition and reduce the need for frequent carpet steam cleaning.

2. Stain removal

  • Home renovation may have left grease, oil, paint, or some other stains on your carpet. 
  • It is necessary to address stains during DIY deep carpet cleaning.
  • Different types of stains need different cleaning hacks. There are some common cleaning hacks, which can help you deep clean your carpet with an effective stain removal process.

How to address stains?

  • Mix vinegar, salt, and borax in the same quantity to make an effective carpet cleaning solution. It will make a thick paste for deep carpet cleaning.
  • Apply the cleaning solution on the stain directly and let it dry. It is left to dry, so it can work on the stain and make it easier to remove completely.
  • Once the paste is completely dried, clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

3. Carpet steam cleaning

  • It is a very important process of deep carpet cleaning to thoroughly clean your carpet. 
  • For carpet steam cleaning, you need a steam cleaner. You must get the steam cleaners available for carpet cleaning.
  • Mix an equal amount of water and vinegar with a few drops of essential oil. 
  • Add this blended cleaning mixture into the steam cleaner.
  • Steam clean the carpet by concentrating more on heavy traffic areas. 
  • Vinegar will clean the carpet deeply and essential oil will deodorize the carpet.
  • As the very high temperature is involved in cleaning carpet, you must know the right way of steam carpet cleaning else use professional help.

4. Deodorize carpet

  • You may skip this step if you have used essential oil as it will deodorize the carpet or you can still continue to get even better results.
  • Dust baking soda on your carpet and leave it overnight.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet in the morning. 

That is the best guide for deep carpet cleaning after a home renovation to restore your carpet to a clean, deodorized, and new-like look.

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