Expert Guide to Remove Blood Stains from the Carpet

Expert Guide to Remove Blood Stains from the Carpet 25 Dec

It is not too frequent that you get bloodstains on the carpet, but you cannot avoid it all the time. There might be some accidental injury to you, any family member, or pets that leave some bloodstains on the carpet. To remove blood stains, you need to act fast. It is advisable to use a professional bloodstain removal service from professionals. However, if you prefer to do carpet cleaning on your own, then here is an expert guide that will help you remove blood stains from the carpet.

4 Ways to Remove Bloodstains from Carpets

1. Blot Out

If blood is not dried yet you must quickly grab a clean cloth to blot off as much blood as you can. Please be cautious about the fact that you are supposed to blot it, not rub it hard. Rubbing it may leave more stubborn bloodstains in a wider carpet area, which will make the blood stain removal process even more difficult.

2. Liquefy Bloodstains to Remove them Easily

To remove blood stains, take a cloth damped in tepid water. Dab on the area with blood stains to liquefy them. Now, use a dry cloth and push it down to absorb as much water as you can in the dry cloth. Once it gets damped, use another cloth or another patch of the cloth to repeat the process of absorbing water. This water will also absorb liquefied bloodstains.

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3. Apply Potato Starch for 24 hours

To remove blood stains completely, extract potato starch and put it on the affected area. Leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, use a vacuum cleaner to completely clean the carpet.

4. Dab with Salted Water

Once you finish step 3, your bloodstains will be removed. If you still see them, add 2 tbsp. of salt in 1 litre of water. Dip the cloth in this salted water and now dab the affected area of carpet until it removes blood stains completely.

These 4 steps will completely remove blood stains organically. However, if it does not remove them, then you need to go for a little harsh way of carpet cleaning. You will need to use an effective carpet stain removal solution. Apply that gently to dissolve and remove the stains completely. Do not forget to see the fabric guideline given by the manufacturer to assure you use the right cleaning solution. There are some eco-friendly carpet stains removals available in the market. Those are a little lighter on the fabric. Even after performing carpet cleaning with a stain cleaner, you cannot remove the stains completely, then you must call the professionals. The professional carpet cleaning company will have fabric-friendly blood stain removal solutions and skilled staff that will effectively remove blood stains without hurting your carpet.

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