DIY | Clean Carpet With Your Shampoo in 4 Easy Steps

Clean Carpet With Shampoo

If you have dirty carpets then shampooing and carpet deodorising is the best way to remove germs. This method is more effective rather than vacuuming. It also extends the lifespan of the carpet, what else do we want?  You will also need excess water in the machine to clean carpet with shampoo. Shampoo machine resembles vacuum cleaners, but it has various features like hot water extractor which produces warm water to clean carpets.

How does Shampooing machine work?

Carpet cleaning services have a machine that contains a solution tank and a cleaning attachment with a nylon brush. The brush helps in cleaning and releasing the solution into the carpet. The movement of the brush creates foam and scrubs the carpet. Later on, the machine uses suction to remove the dirty water and send it to the reservoir. Here are some easy steps to clean the carpet with a Shampoo machine:

4 Easy Steps To Clean Carpet With Shampoo

1. Remove Furniture From Carpet

Remove all the furniture from the remove and clean the floor. Do a spot test to ensure that the carpet shampooer doesn’t form discolouration in the carpets. Make sure the cleaning solution and shampoo machine are suitable for your carpet. Vacuum the carpet to remove loose dirt like particles and pet hair. It will also soften filthy stains and remove it completely. Don’t miss your to pay attention to the corners of the carpets.

2. Add Carpet Shampooer

Fill clean water and shampoo the carpet as per the instructions shown in the machine. Make sure to use shampoo as required and add carpet shampooer. Ensure that the shampooer is clean with the water.

3. Don’t Be In Rush

Don’t be in a rush because it may result in poor cleaning. Move the machine across the carpet to clean the carpet. Take turns to clean the dirty water from the reservoir and fill it up with clear water. Suck all the dirty water from every corner of the room to avoid the mess. Make sure to remove the soap from the carpet and extract the water so that the moisture doesn’t form mildew and mould.

4. Remove Extra Moisture

Remove the extra moisture by suction method. Keep on doing this until excess water is removed. It might take 8 to 10 hours to dry up the carpet. Keep your kids and pets away from the carpet.

We daily walk on carpets which collects dirt particles. One should clean at least once or twice a year. Light coloured carpets should be cleaned more often because it will show dirt particles very easily.

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