Different Types of Carpet Need Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

types of carpet

Carpets are important to give a lavish appearance to your house. Thus, it is also necessary to keep them clean and preserve their beauty. This is possible only if you take carpet cleaning seriously and apply the right way to clean it.

Do not worry. Carpet cleaning is not art. It is all about knowledge. You need to know the type of carpet as well as you need to know what fabric is used to make the carpet. If you know this basic information about your carpet, you can choose the right way of carpet cleaning as well as cleaning solutions.

There are two different types of carpet available in the market.

1. Cut Pile Carpet

2. Loop Pile Carpet

The way of cut pile carpet cleaning is completely different than loop pile carpet cleaning. You will learn the way to identify the type of your carpet if you do not know already and the best practices of cleaning it.

1. Cut Pile Carpet Cleaning

It is more lavish in look and thus, often used in houses to give them luxurious appearance. They are made from sheared yarn loops. It has open ends of the fibre, giving it a different style and softness. There are five varieties available in cut pile carpet as listed below:

  • Cable
  • Plush
  • Frieze
  • Saxony and
  • Textured

Tips for Cut Pile Carpet Cleaning:

  • To clean it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, use an upright vacuum cleaner with brush and beater bar
  • Make sure to have the right height of the vacuum cleaner for effective cut pile carpet cleaning        

2. Loop Pile Carpet Cleaning

As the name suggests, this type of carpet is made of a loop of fibres. They usually have better durability. Thus, it is more commonly used in areas, which face more footfalls. They are not so lavish in the looks, but they are more stain-resistant and have a longer life.

Major Types of Loop Pile Carpet are as below:

  • Berber and
  • Multi-level loop carpet

Tips for Loop Pile Carpet Cleaning:

  • To vacuum clean the loop pile carpet, only use the suction head with a cylinder cleaner
  • Be gentle while vacuuming to make sure you do not damage the carpet during the loop pile carpet cleaning
  • To clean the loop pile carpet of any type, do not use a rotating brush else it can hamper your carpet

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Concluding Notes

The carpet of any type needs care. Thus, you need to clean your carpet regularly. Not one formula works on all types of carpet. Thus, make sure that you understand that different types of carpet need a relevant type of carpet cleaning. Regularly vacuum the carpet to remove dirt and dust before it makes its way to the roots. Also, regularly use professional carpet cleaning services to extend its life and beauty.

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