Difference Between Low Pile and High Pile Carpet

high pile and low pile carpet

Carpets are used in everyone’s house but do you know there are different types of carpets available in the market. Two most widely used carpet types are as below:

Types of Carpet Pile

  1. Low Pile Carpet
  2. High Pile Carpet

Many people cannot clearly understand the difference between both of them. I will share what makes them different. Knowing these facts will help you in the selection as well as cleaning because the process of low pile carpet cleaning is different than high pile carpet cleaning as well as there are many more differentiators.


Carpets are made of fibers. The height, looseness, and tightness of these fibers put them in different categories:

  • Low pile carpet has tighter loops made of shorter fabric. A majority of carpets used in hotels, offices, and homes are of this type.
  • High pile carpet has looser fabric loops made of longer fabric. Generally used in 70s shag carpets were high pile carpets.
Low Pile vs High Pile Carpet



Sometimes it seems an obvious choice while selecting a carpet, but it is indeed not. Let me help you with this process:

  • If you don’t like to spend much time cleaning then a low pile carpet is a good choice. It accumulates fewer allergens and pollutants. Thus, time spent on low pile carpet cleaning is way lesser compared to its alternative. In fact, simple vacuuming will do the low pile carpet cleaning with minimum efforts.
  • High carpet cleaning takes more time and resources, but its benefit is comfort. This type of carpets is very cozy and warm. If you have a family that spends more time relaxing or lying on the carpet, then it is the best choice for you
  • Low carpet cleaning will have a reduced and smoother surface area. Thus, it would be perfect if your family doesn’t spend much time on the carpet.
  • If any of your family members have any respiratory disease, then a low pile carpet can be better.
  •  If you usually move furniture here and there, then a low pile carpet is good because it will be easier due to its surface.
  • If your family likes to have a fluffy carpet for a long time, then a high pile carpet is perfect.


One of the important aspects while buying a carpet is the cost for sure.

  • A low pile carpet is cheaper compared to its alternatives. The reason is its fibers and the way it is built.
  • Low pile carpets are more resilient and this further saves cost as you will not need to replace your carpet for a long period of time.
  • Last, but not the least, high pile carpet cleaning will take more time and resources. Thus, maintenance of low pile carpet will be cheaper which again makes it cost-effective.


High pile carpets are made for families that want to have a cozy, comfortable, and warm carpet. On the other hand, low pile carpets are for the families that are looking for a cost-effective and long-lasting option.

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