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Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale provides professional Carpet Dry Cleaning & Carpet Steam Cleaning services by expert Gardenvale carpet cleaners. Call 1300 068 194 for free quotes, expert Carpets Cleaners are ready to take care of your home or office carpets.

Every homeowner knows how important cleaning their carpets is. Unlike in the past, where carpet cleaning involved scrubbing and splashing water all over it, there are various modern methods that are more effective and reliable in keeping your carpets clean and fresh.

We have extensive experience for cleaning all types of carpets and provide high quality carpet cleaning Gardenvale.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale

Toms carpet cleaning Gardenvale team is fully trained and highly motivated in professional carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning and stain removal from Carpet. Our carpet cleaner will visually inspect your carpet. They will identify potential permanent stains and give you evaluation of expected results. Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned. We use the latest carpet cleaning equipment, materials and techniques which will ensure that your carpets retain their optimal colour and appearance.

We offer the following specialist Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale:

  • Dry Foam or Dry Cleaning
  • Pile Lifting
  • Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning
  • Absorbent Dry Compound Powder System
  • Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Rotary Shampoo
  • Bonnet/Pad Cleaning
  • Rotary Shampoo

Benefits of Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale

Keeping your home clean is very important to feel good and cozy. Your home reflects your personality as well as your lifestyle. Maintaining home clean means cleaning every part of it, even the carpets.

Aside from improving the appearance of a home and extending the life of a rug, professional carpet cleaning has five valuable health benefits. Cleaning house. Having carpets cleaned annually provides additional benefits.

1. Eliminates Trapped Pollutants

Besides everyday dust and dirt, they contain particles of pollutants, lead, cockroach allergens, and pet dander. Toxic airborne gases adhere to the particulate matter and become trapped in the carpet. When people vacuum or walk over carpet, the toxic gases are released into the air that is now contaminated. Bacteria are killed when Carpet Cleaning experts of Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale use a special shampooing formula. High-powered vacuuming removes deeply trapped pollutants.

2. Improves Air Quality

When the contaminants penetrate deep into the carpet, breathing becomes difficult. Vacuuming removes contaminants from the carpet surface. Those who suffer from asthma and allergies find breathing easier after carpets have been professionally cleaned. The risk of allergen-induced attacks is reduced by improved indoor air quality.

3. Dust Mite Infestation Clearance

Because dust mites are microscopic, many people are not aware of an infestation. It is the body fragments, and feces left behind, rather than dust mites themselves, which are allergens. The microscopic particles are easily inhaled when an infested area is disturbed. Inhaling the particles exacerbates allergies. Steam cleaning, done by Toms carpet cleaning experts, exposes dust mites to high temperatures they cannot survive.

4. Prevent Mold Growth

The risk of mold developing in dirty carpets is high, especially in areas of high humidity where the carpet is exposed to moisture. Snow and rain are tracked indoors during inclement weather. That moisture sinks into carpeting if not vacuumed or dried immediately. Having carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis prevents mildew and mold growth. The high-powered drying tools annihilate moisture. Mold does not grow in dry locations.

5. Prevents Muscle Strain

Having carpet in commercial buildings and homes is associated with luxury, dignity and quiet. There are benefits that are indirectly tied to health issues also. Carpeting reduces harsh noises produced by equipment and pedestrians. It provides thermal insulation, especially during winter months. Carpet is kinder to the feet and backs of customers and workers, who have to stand for extended periods of time, than other floor surfaces. It is an expression of style and a mark of success. The recommendations of manufacturers provide adequate cleaning guidelines. They include frequent vacuuming and professional cleaning that extracts foreign substances and minimizes residue.

As stated above, professional carpet cleaning Gardenvale use special equipment that eliminates allergens, dust mites, mold and many other bacteria. Well maintained carpet will last longer and will save you money in the long-run. Therefore, do not wait – choose the best professional carpet cleaning company for you. Call Now : 1300 068 194.

Get your tile clean today with Toms Tile and Grout Cleaning Gardenvale.

Same day Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale

Our trained carpet cleaners will go over every square foot of your home or office to make sure that no spots or stains are missed. We are experts in stain removal from carpet. For your convenience, you can schedule a cleaning appointment with us in 24/7. We service all across Gardenvale. Just call us on 1300 068 194 and we will take care of your carpets and make them look good as new again.

We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning, including :

  • Complete Cleaning – If you haven’t your carpets cleaned in a while and you want to give your carpet fresh new look, we can provide complete carpet cleaning Gardenvale.
  • Carpet Deodorization – Over time, carpet absorbs odors and these odors can be very difficult to remove without the proper equipment. Our equipments and professional-strength carpet deodorizers can neutralize even the toughest odors—eliminating them at the source.
  • High Traffic Cleaning – If you’re having a problem with high traffic areas looking worn out, set up regular cleaning services to extend the life of your carpet. Every business has high-traffic areas that see substantially more wear than the rest of the carpet in the building.
  • Spot Cleaning – If you’ve had a spill that has caused unsightly stains, our spot treatment services are an effective way to get your carpet back to normal without breaking down its fibers.
  • Carpet Sanitizing – We use the best carpet sanitizing and disinfecting product on the market. Benefect is a non-toxic, and environmentally friendly product, guaranteed to kills over 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mould & fungal spores. When cleaning your carpets it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the cleaning and include sanitization and disinfection to your carpet cleaning treatment.
  • Carpet Protection – Our carpet protection solution essentially creates a shield around your carpet fibers that make it more difficult for dirt or fluids to infiltrate. After we have cleaned your carpets, we can apply a professional strength carpet protection solution that helps your carpet resist spills, dirt, and daily wear and tear.

Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale are as following:

1. Wet Cleaning or Steam Cleaning

This method entails hot water being injected into the carpet under a lot of pressure. Before this, the carpet needs to be pre-conditioned using a chemical reagent which liquefies oil-based substances and other types of soiling.

By having pressurized hot water directed into the carpet, any dirt that was stuck onto the carpet fibers is loosened and dissolved into the water. You could also add a cleaning solution or detergent to the carpet especially when cleaning heavily soiled sections of the carpet. The water is then extracted from the carpet using a vacuum drawing all the dirt along with it and leaving the carpet sparkling.

2. Dry Cleaning

In Dry Cleaning, an absorbent compound is spread over and then worked through the carpet using a mechanized brush or counter-rotating brushes. This compound, mostly in powder form, absorbs the soils from the carpet fibers over the period of at least 10 minutes that it is left to set. This powder is then vacuumed up using a high-suction vacuum leaving the carpet spotless.

3. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is among the oldest cleaning methods in history. It entails using a foamy chemical which is applied onto the carpet and then scrubbed into its fibers using a motorized brush. This helps suspend the dirt and debris stuck onto the carpet fibers and it is then extracted using a vacuum together with the dirt.

4. Encapsulation

This method, just like dry cleaning, does not make use of water. It is among the newest carpet cleaning methods and it uses a chemical that has both cleaning and crystallization agents.

The cleaning agent suspends the dirt, debris and soils which is agitated by a vacuum’s rotating brush, while the crystallization agent encapsulates them and dries them into crystals that will then be vacuumed away from the carpets.

5. Dry Foam Shampooing Method

The dry foam shampooing method is usually confused with the carpet shampooing method as they are quite similar. In the dry shampooing method, the shampoo liquid is whipped into a foam first using a foam generator. It is then applied to the carpet and it utilizes only 10% of the liquid with 90% air.

Its application into the carpet is done with the reel brush systems. It is then sucked into the vacuum after a short pause.

6. Bonnet Cleaning

This is another carpet cleaning method that is often confused with dry cleaning. In this carpet cleaning approach, you use a cleaning product that is mixed with carbonated water. This mixture will then be spread as a mist over your carpet and a bonnet – a circular rotating buffer – runs over those soiled areas of the carpet.

The bonnet contains an absorbent covering and is replaced with a clean new one whenever it becomes grimy. This ensures that all the dirt is withdrawn from the carpet as it sticks onto the bonnet.

7. Traditional Carpet Cleaning

This was the method used to deep clean carpets before the invention of the vacuum cleaner. It involves scrubbing the carpet with water and detergent using a brush then rinsing it and drying it in the sun. This method does not require you to use a vacuum cleaner or any complex equipment. It does not work with wall to wall carpeting as you can’t dry it in the sun.

8. Regular Vacuuming

This is probably the most widely used carpet cleaning method by most home owners. When done regularly, it produces the strongest results. You only need a regular vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum is one with rotary brushes. These agitate any dirt that may be deep under the carpet fibers.

After this, the dirt and debris are sucked out of the carpet by a high suction vacuum cleaner leaving the carpets clean.

9. Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are certain carpet cleaning supplies and machines that are too expensive or too large for residential use.

Although they are heavy duty and more effective when compared to regular carpet cleaning supplies, they can only be accessed by professional carpet cleaning companies.

This is why it is advisable for any home owner to have their carpeted floors cleaned professionally at least once a year. These professional carpet cleaners make use of a combination of cleaning techniques depending on the type and amount of soil, size of the carpet, material used on the carpet and your preferences.

Local Carpet Cleaners Gardenvale

The team here at Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale know the best ways to clean carpets, we know what the best methods of cleaning are and we know which products you should and shouldn’t be using. Toms Carpet Cleaners Gardenvale will always arrive on time in your household or commercial property and save the time. Our expert Carpet Cleaners strive to deliver quality carpet cleaning service in Gardenvale and win your trust by satisfying even the highest expectations of our customers because nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.

For On Site Carpet Cleaning, Call us now 1300 068 194 to book our carpet cleaning services in melbourne eastern suburbs at the best price in Gardenvale!

We also provide Carpet Cleaning Brighton. Contact us now!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale

Carpets take a beating with heavy foot traffic, spills, sand, salt, water and other messes that can make them look dirty and worn. Our trained carpet cleaners will go over every square foot of your office to make sure that no spots or stains are missed. We are experts in stain removal from carpet.

Our team of professional Carpet cleaners handle a variety of commercial carpet Cleaning spaces. We work with large carpeted areas typically found in an office, and can readily handle as well. Each type of surface requires different handling, and our team is expertly trained in all types of carpet flooring so they know the best solution for each product.

Regular, professional commercial carpet cleaning Gardenvale is the best way to extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking beautiful for their lifetime. We also offer Same Day Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale for commercial carpet Cleaning.

For On Site Carpet Cleaning, Call us now at 1300 068 194 to book carpet steam cleaning at the best price in Gardenvale! For your convenience, you can schedule a cleaning appointment with us in 24/7. We service all across Gardenvale

Carpet Steam Cleaning Gardenvale

Carpet Steam Cleaning is part of Toms Carpet Cleaning services. Best carpet cleaning services by professional carpet cleaners. Call us today on 1300 068 194.

Over time, tiny substances that you can’t see collect in your carpets even if you vacuum regularly. Among these are germs, bacteria, dust mites, allergens and other pollutants. If they’re not properly cleaned, carpets can become holding areas for all manner of nasty toxins.

Toms Carpet Steam cleaning Gardenvale is cleaning by means of water extraction. Any carpet stains found are first treated with pre-cleaning agents and then sprayed to reduce surface tension into the carpet. For the treatment, proper water is injected into the carpet. How deep it goes depends on whether or not it has been effectively treated with the compounds and spray, the better prepped and sprayed it is, the deeper it goes. The water is later extracted, carrying with it dirt, soil and any other impurities that bind themselves to it.

Why Steam Clean your Carpets?

Everyone wants to live in a clean home. As a homeowner, keeping your home clean is even one of your top priorities. Though you might do everything that you can to keep your home spic and span, there are some tasks that are simply more challenging than others. Among the toughest is carpet cleaning, which requires specialized equipment and knowledge. Don’t fear, though. Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale provides the perfect solution to your carpet-cleaning needs.

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

When we perform our Carpet Cleaning Services, we will always use Eco Friendly Cleaning products only. We believe that Eco Friendly products are the Safest way to clean dirty carpets and provide protection to all of our customers. Most cleaning Chemicals contain a lot of Toxins. Eco Friendly products are less Toxic and leave a Pristine clean without that nasty Chemical Smell and doesn’t create horrible Fumes. There is another reason why hot water extraction is the best method of cleaning the mats and carpets. This process of cleaning and washing carpets is quite safe and eco-friendly. It does not make the carpets and mats toxic and it helps to make them sanitized. This process also leaves less residue and left over lather after washing. This means that it is also possible to clean out the chemical foam and residue after washing carpets using this method. Therefore, this is a reason why hot water extraction is the best process of cleaning the carpets

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning Gardenvale

Choosing Toms Carpet Steam Cleaning is a great way to prevent your carpets from becoming dirty. This type of cleaning boasts many benefits :
  • Keep your family safe and healthy : Many more pollutants are found inside the home than outside. Because you spend so much time in your home, it’s essential to get rid of as many pollutants as possible. Toms provides you best Carpet Cleaning services to sterilize carpets.
  • Removes debris : Your vacuum may be able to suck out some dirt, dust and pollutants, but it can’t blast away debris that’s stuck to carpet fibers. A hot water jet system is used during steam cleaning to ensure that this nasty buildup is broken down and removed from your carpeting. Hot water also actively kills bacteria and germs so that they don’t cause health problems for your family or pets.
  • Restores the beauty of your carpets : Because Toms Carpet steam cleaning is so effective at removing buildup and debris, it can substantially improve the appearance of your carpets. Shampoo is used during the process to lubricate carpet fibers and ensure that they don’t break. The combination of hot water, steam and special cleaning products means that you’ll enjoy great looking carpets for years to come.
It is recommended having your carpets steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on the level of traffic in your home. You’ll enjoy the best results from cleaning if you choose Toms Carpet Steam Cleaning as we use the latest steam cleaning equipment.

Carpet Sanitizing Gardenvale

It is an uncomfortable thought that when you move into a house that does not have new carpeting, you inevitably inherit some things with it. Dead skin, foot and nail fungus, and potentially harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Carpets are usually cleaned before occupancy, but rarely sanitized. Regular carpet cleaning removes a lot of fungus, germs, and bacteria from your carpet, but not all of it. It is not technically “sanitized”. This requires an approved disinfectant, applied properly, in order to ensure sufficient sanitization.

Carpet Deodorizing Gardenvale

Carpets can collect unpleasant odors, particularly in high-traffic areas and in spots where pets like to nap. All of the dirt that gets tracked across carpets, and the dust that settles down on them, causes not so pleasant odors to pop up. If you smoke, or keep pets indoors, then your carpets are going to smell even worse.

The solution to this is carpet deodorizing. Our Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners in neutralizing various unpleasant odors.

Carpet Restoration Gardenvale

Even carpet that is heavily soiled can often be returned to like new condition. However, they may require special cleaning. With Carpet restoration we add an additional step to the cleaning process to achieve the best results.

Advantages of choosing Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale?

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free Pre Treatment
  • Available at a time Convenient to You
  • No Hidden Charges, Including Parking & Congestion
  • Latest Equipments
  • Quick Drying Time
  • Eco friendly carpet cleaning products
  • Free Stain Removal
  • Fully Trained Carpet Cleaners
  • Lowest Prices in Gardenvale
  • 100% Safe Cleaning Solutions
  • We Guarantee our Service
  • Beneficial for Allergy Sufferers
  • Short Notice is not a Problem
  • Free, No Obligation Quotation – Online, Phone or in Person

Toms Carpet Steam Cleaning process as follows :

  • Firstly we will Vacuum all areas to remove any Loose Dirt and Dust
  • Then we will Pre Treat the area to remove the Stains
  • Then using our Powerful Water Extraction machine. With the necessary Specialist Shampoos and Deodorizers we clean the entire surface, removing all Smells and Bacteria
  • Finally where needed we would use a Powerful Spot Treatment for any remaining Stubborn stains, then leaving the Carpet to fully dry.
  • Besides the hot water extraction method, we also offer a dry cleaning service for the more Delicate of Carpets.

Toms Carpet Dry Cleaning services with zero drying time for domestic and commercial premise, same day carpet cleaning services, suitable for all types of carpet. Contact us today on 1300 068 194 for professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpets are different and sensitive when it comes to density, pattern, style, fibers, and construction.

If you live in Gardenvale and you need a professional carpet cleaning, Toms Carpet Cleaning company offers you great Carpet Dry Cleaning service for you on an affordable prices. We clean fast, green, we have extensive experience cleaning all types of carpets and provide high quality services and the best quality of cleaning for your special home. Don`t cut the stains on the carpet, we will clean them up for you!

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Service Offers Several Benefits :

Zero dry time

The carpet is cleaned using powders that leave it very dry. There is no need of rinsing. Therefore, there is no drying time allowance. The dry carpet can be used immediately. This is a perfect method for those of you who needs to clean your carpets in a short amount of time. Traditional wet carpet cleaning requires an average of 24 hours to dry, making the section of the building being cleaned unusable.

Dry Carpet Cleaning guarantees no residue, no mold

The method does not use any form of liquid unlike most of the other carpet cleaning methods. The residue or mold may be a good habitat for the breeding of germs. The germs can be very harmful especially when you have crawling children. Surely, you don’t want your children to catch allergies and other skin related illnesses because of residues left in your carpets. Toms Carpet Dry Cleaning is the best option for cleaning your carpet and make them free from these harmful germs.

Dry Carpet cleaning offers permanent stain removal

During carpet cleaning, the stains are repeatedly observed. The volume of the powder is increased until the stain disappears. You can confirm that the stain is totally removed before stopping the cleaning procedure. The other carpet cleaning method use water. Many stains tend to hind behind the moisturized carpet material only to appear when the carpet dries.

Dry Carpet Cleaning has some health benefits

The dust and dirt is completely sucked out using a vacuum cleaner. Dust is usually harmful to people with allergies and asthma. A complete set of dry cleaning equipment ensures that the dirty carpet is cleaned in a closed environment and only released when free of dust. Toms Carpet Dry Cleaning team use eco friendly materials that eliminates health risks in their cleaning procedures.

Carpets usually get dirty on regular basis

Regular carpet cleaning is necessary in busy places. The material of the carpet will fade or starts loosing color when it is cleaned with water. If you continually use the water technique to clean your carpets regularly, the chances of your carpets maintaining its beauty and texture will be slim to none. Therefore, Carpet Dry Cleaning is the best alternative. The carpet, cleaned in a dry environment, its color is preserved and can retain its color for many years.

Toms Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Up to 85% of the dirt in carpets is dry dirt. In order to remove this, we thoroughly pre vacuum with our powerful equipment. We will then individually treat all spots and stains to ensure they are completely removed and not just merged into the carpet during the cleaning process.

Step 1 – Initial Inspection : First of all, our Carpet cleaners will thoroughly inspect the areas of your home or office to be cleaned to identify the dirty areas including heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, or damaged carpet in need of repair.

Step 2 – Move Furniture : As an option, the professional carpet cleaners will safely move the movable furniture before beginning the cleaning process. All furniture are moved with the exception of heavy furniture.

Step 3 – Deep Vacuum : Using our latest vacuums, the expert carpet cleaners will deep vacuum and pile lift exposed carpets to remove the loose soiling that may have occurred between cleanings.

Step 4 – Pre Treatment : Using our eco friendly products, we pretreat all surface spots and stains before we begin cleaning to ensure the best chance of removing tough stains and high traffic soiling. If the carpet cleaning technician finds anything that requires a more extensive method of removal, they will let you know and discuss with you the process needed before cleaning process starts.

Step 5 – Cleaning : Micro Sponges are rotated through the carpet with special equipment using soft counter rotating brushes. The Carpet Dry Cleaning Compound dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots, stains and odors as it cleans. The Sponges are then extracted with our special Dry Extraction carpet cleaning equipment.

Step 6 – Final Grooming : At Toms Dry Cleaning in Gardenvale, we use a professional carpet grooming machine for raising the carpet pile and bringing back the fresh fluff, like-new look. Our carpet grooming system will extend the life of your carpet. It is a very important process for proper carpet maintenance.

What Benefits Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale offers you?

Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale is one of the Best Carpet Cleaning Company today. We mainly focus on Customer’s satisfaction from our Carpet Cleaning Services. Therefore, we provide several benefits to our customers :

Certified Carpet Cleaners Gardenvale

This is the main reason why you have to choose Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale. Our company has many Professional Dry Carpet Cleaners. Regular training is provided to the Carpet cleaners, in order to provide the best skills and knowledge to them. As the result, they are able to clean any types of carpets in your home or office quickly and professionally. They can clean your carpet safely without damaging your valuable property.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service

You don’t need to worry about spending too much money for hiring our Dry Carpet Cleaning service. We always want to provide high quality service at low price. Our Dry Carpet Cleaning service is good for all customers with low budget. You can also get some additional discounts in certain events. Contact on 1300 068 194 today to ask about our quote. We can give you our quotation for free without additional costs.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale

If you are busy with your daily activities, we can provide you with the Best dry carpet cleaning service. We are happy to announce our flexible schedule. Therefore, we can help you choose the right schedule for cleaning your carpet today. We can offer flexible schedule for all customers as we are always available for you when you need our best carpet cleaning. You can fill our Inquiry form to book your appointment quickly. Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale is ready to help all customers for 24/7 Days.

Effective Carpet Cleaning result

This is another benefit that we want to give for our customers. You can rely on our Domestic carpet cleaning or Commercial carpet cleaning service. We have proven techniques that can clean your carpet completely. We always want to give you effective result, so you will never regret on your decision to choose Toms Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale. We are happy to announce our Emergency carpet cleaning service. You don’t have to wait for too long when you want to clean your carpet. We have proven best methods that can clean any types of carpets on your property quickly. Most of our clients are happy with our professional and Fast dry carpet cleaning service.

FAQ Related to Carpet Cleaning Gardenvale

Do professional carpet cleaner vacuum first?

Yes, a vacuum is necessary before professional carpet cleaning. It is a good start to clean a carpet by removing dirt and other debris.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Keeping our carpet clean is important for our health as well as the appearance of your home.

Is Carpet Cleaning good for your carpet?

Twice or thrice a year professional carpet cleaning is recommendable. You should call a professional carpet cleaner to removes dirt, dust and other harmful particles through vacuuming.

Do professional carpet cleaner vacuum first?

Yes, a vacuum is necessary before professional carpet cleaning. It is a good start to clean a carpet by removing dirt and other debris.

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