Brown Spots on the Carpet after Carpet Cleaning

After a thorough round of professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne, all you expect is a tidy and fresh carpet. But, have you noticed brown spots on the carpet?

It is not common if you have hired an experienced carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. However, in some cases, it happens that a carpet looks uglier than before due to brown spots and it needs to be treated.

Major Causes of Brown Spots on Carpet

There can be different causes of brown spots on carpets after carpet cleaning. Some of the common ones are as below:

  • The pH level of the carpet was left too high and didn’t balance out by the cleaning team.
  • A deep stain pushed back to the top of the carpet surface. This is called wicking.
  • Too much water or cleaning solution was used for carpet cleaning.

How to Treat Brown Spots on the Carpet?

There are multiple effective methods to treat brown spots on carpets by a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne.

1. Call the Cleaning Company

  • The professional carpet cleaning Melbourne will visit you and thoroughly clean the carpet to remove all spots.

2. Balance Out the pH Level of the Carpet

  1. You have to start with maintaining the right pH balance of the carpet after cleaning.
  2. Get a low pH acid carpet cleaner. The pH level of this carpet cleaner should be around 2.0.
  3. Spray the low pH level cleaner on the brown spots. You just need to moisten the carpet and not make it wet else it will worsen the condition.
  4. Take a scrub and start scrubbing the affected part of the carpet gently.
  5. Grab some paper towels or a clean, dry cloth and use it to blot clean the affected area.
  6. Absorb as much stain as possible with paper towels.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 7 until the brown spots are eliminated from the carpet.
  8. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet to eliminate the excess moisture from the carpet.
  9. Let your carpet air dry completely before using it. You can use high-speed fans and ventilation to reduce the drying time.

If the brown spots on the carpet are still visible, then you have to call the company for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne to use hot water extraction or a similar cleaning method.

Care Tips

It is always good to avoid brown spots on the carpet instead of taking a whole cleaning spree to remove the spots. To avoid this issue, follow the below-mentioned care tips:

  • Always hire the best company for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Avoid using too much water to clean the carpet. If water is necessary, then make sure the carpet is completely dry before the cleaning team leaves.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions.

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