Tom’s Carpet Cleaning offers professional services at affordable prices. We have extensive industry experience, the most advanced technology and machines. Whether you require stain removal, deep cleaning, or cleaning of modern or oriental Carpets, we have all solutions for your Carpets needs. Our certified cleaners are experts in dealing with a variety of fabrics, including synthetic and woolen Carpets, Carpet and others. We provide a range of services, including Carpet Dry Cleaning, Carpet Steam Cleaning, Rug Cleaning. We offer cleaning services to individual and commercial clients and perform a thorough cleaning.
If you’re looking for superior Carpet cleaning services with amazing results, then you’ve come to the right place! Our cleaners are fully insured and trained to clean and restore your Carpet and furniture back to its natural beauty. Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and familiar with all safety regulations and requirements for inventory checkouts.
Regardless of whether you require stubborn stain removal, we offer high-quality Carpet Cleaning services.
We use only professional solutions which are completely Eco-friendly. We believe that a healthy home starts with a clean Carpet, that’s why we guarantee you will love the job that we do. Toms Carpet Cleaning maintain your Carpet for a set price, no matter how dirty the Carpet gets. We provide all our Carpet Cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and surrounding areas within 70km.

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