7 Ways To Protect Your Carpets From Stains

Carpet Protection

Carpets make or break the feel of your interiors, don’t they? Carpets are also more prone to damage, as people walk over them all day long (pun intended) it is up to you to take care of them and we are going to help you with just that with the best carpet protection tips you need to be aware of.

7 Best Ways To Protect Carpets From Stains

1. Prohibit These Wearables On Carpets

Do not let anyone of your family members wear shoes inside the home. Who knows what the shoe has stepped on, it could be poop, dirt, etc. The fibers of the carpet store the dirt in them that the shoes have brought along. Keep them outside, and make your house and carpet simply more hygienic.

2. Place Mats

If you find it hard and rude to tell your guests to keep their shoes outside, even with a pop-eyed plaque, invest in some mats. Placemats on the carpets when you know guests will be pouring in. You can also relocate to India, to save yourself all this fuss as it is customary there to never wear shoes in the household.

3. The Pet Fur

If you have a furry little darling roaming on your carpets, keep a vacuum cleaner hand to clean your carpets off their fur and hair.

4. Potty Train Your Pets Well

Not only potty stains are stubborn, but so is the odour it leaves behind. Read our blog on how to remove odour from your carpets and breathe better!

5. Stricter Dining Rules

Do not let people roam around the house, with dinner plates. No eating on the couches. The gravy stains are stubborn and hard to remove, not to mention the efforts red wine stains need to get off.

4 Ways to remove stubborn wine stains off your carpet!

6. Clean Quickly

You do not want the stain causing the element to stay on the surface of the carpet for a long time. The more you let them stay the deeper they will seep in, and the harder will it be to remove them.

Have a blotting paper or tissue paper handy and soak the stains off as soon as you can. Do not press them. You can also clean them instantly with these tips.

7. Call a Carpet Cleaning Professional

A carpet cleaning professional can give you carpet protection treatment. Toms cleaning professionals in Melbourne use Scotchgard as a protector. A carpet protection treatment will have you need none of the above prevention measures and keep your carpets as good as new for months to come.

Toms Carpet Cleaning Company is the most sought-after cleaner across Melbourne, call them for carpet cleaning or for a carpet protection treatment.

Contact Toms Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for same-day carpet cleaning services. Call now on 1300 068 194.

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