5 Useful Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips for Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022

Finally, Christmas 2022 is just about a month away and New Year too. Christmas is a time for celebration and that time of the year when family and friends get together in each other’s house. You may have some expected guests, and of course, some unexpected ones too. If a get-together of family and friends is going to take place during the festive season of Christmas 2022, you need to prepare for carpet cleaning because they are going to receive the maximum impact. Nothing can beat a professional carpet steam cleaning service when it comes to cleaning the carpet. However, following certain tips and suggestions from professionals will ensure that your carpet remains clean and tidy. Of course, if the condition is too bad, you may need the same day carpet cleaning service.

Place a Shoe Rack at the Entrance

Installing a shoe rack at the entrance will ensure that the shoes of guests are stored during their stay at your home. A shoe rack will ensure that the dirt and debris in the shoes are not carried into your home.

Placing Door Mats

It may not be possible to ask every guest to remove their shoes outside before stepping into your home. Placing one or two floor or door mats will help remove nearly 90-95% of the dirt and debris so that it does not get deposited on the carpet. Even if you don’t use doormats, they are quite cheap and can be effectively used during the Christmas season to keep the carpet clean. Door mats can help save money which you would otherwise spend on emergency same-day carpet cleaning services.

Maintain the Christmas Tree

If you have a real Christmas tree at home, then you need to water it. Watering the Christmas tree will ensure that the pine needles do not fall on the carpet. Pine needles may cause abrasion on the carpet. Falling pine needles from the Christmas tree may create a lot of mess, and may require an expert carpet steam cleaning service.

Be Prepared for Stains

Without any doubt, there are definitely going to be some spills and drops on the carpet during the Christmas season. Whenever spillage happens, you must act quickly to avoid it getting soaked into the carpet. If you find stains too difficult to get rid of, you can hire chemical free steam cleaner.

Vacuuming Frequently

Christmas is that time of the year when vacuuming once a week won’t suffice. For best results and protection of your carpet, you need to vacuum at least once a day.

Here are the reasons why you should keep the carpets clean during the festivities, even with a same-day carpet cleaning service.

  • Everyone will feel comfortable and cosy on a clean carpet.
  • Having a fresh, clean carpet means your home will smell more festive.
  • If the carpets are kept clean regularly, the cleanup won’t be expensive and will be faster.
  • When you have a clean carpet, your home becomes a pleasant place during Christmas.

Before and After the Christmas 2022 party, you will need professional carpet steam cleaners in Melbourne.

Contact Toms Carpet Cleaning Melbourne for same-day dry and steam cleaning services.

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