5 Things To Check That Damage Your Carpets and Rugs

Damage Your Carpets and Rug

Carpets and rugs are expensive. This fact makes it necessary to keep them clean and well maintained. Along with regular carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you also need to take care of some things as they can damage your carpets and rugs. If your carpets and rugs get damaged, then they cannot be cleaned even with a professional carpet cleaning service. You will need to invest in their restoration.

Prevention is better than cure, so here we share the top 5 things that can damage your carpets and rugs.

1. Flood

  • A flood can be one of the biggest causes of damaged carpets and rugs.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to make sure your water lines are well maintained.
  • Also, try to take all the required steps to avoid flooding, which can damage not only carpets and rugs but also other furniture items and household things.

2. Moisture

  • Many methods of carpet cleaning in Melbourne use water to clean the carpet. If the carpet and rugs are not dried out completely after the cleaning, then it may leave moisture behind.
  • Leakage and spillage can also be the reason of moisture.
  • Rugs and carpet near the bathroom, garden, under the kitchen sinks or flower pot are likely to get moisture.
  • Moisture can weaken the carpet and rug fibres.
  • This can cause many issues such as mildew and mould growth, wear and tear, etc.

3. Direct exposure to the sun

  • According to the leading professional carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, exposure of carpet and rug to direct sunlight can be detrimental to them.
  • Sun emits UV rays and it can fade away the colour of the carpet and rug.
  • It can also harden the fibre of rugs and carpet.
  • Putting curtains to filter the sunlight, keeping doors or windows closed until direct sunlight moves away from the carpet, or applying UV protective panels can be options to avoid carpet damage from sunlight.

4. Stains

  • The unattended spills move deep into the rug and carpet fibre and result in stains.
  • If you do not treat the stain with an effective method of carpet cleaning in Melbourne, then it may result in a stubborn stain.
  • The stains can damage a particular stained area of the carpet. It can weaken fibre, make a spot in the carpet or run look ugly, and even attract pests and insects to cause health issues.
  • The best option is to use a DIY carpet cleaning in Melbourne hacks or take professional service to treat the stain at the earliest possible.

 5. Insects and Bugs

  • Your carpet can become a breeding ground for different types of insects, bugs, and pests like carpet beetle, dust mites, etc.
  • They find food and comfort to breed, grow, and sustain in your fluffy and soft carpets and rugs.
  • Occasional professional carpet cleaning with steam cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning is necessary to kill insects and bugs effectively.
  • Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning should be part of your cleaning regime.

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